Date: Nov 2, 2013 12:26 PM
Subject: To Be Published the Disproof of the Current Pi and a Math Question<br> for the smart ones Prfessors all

   Correct Pi 3.14159292035, this to be published in a day or so internationally. Your Pi is a dogma of your approximate Mathematics

Pi *n How many various "residua" this results in, and at what gap value they occur( answer =Y). This is essential for precision

2 Pi = 6.2831858407. Tell us all the numbers and whole number gaps these residua occur??. Your best professors do not have a clue. Answer is Y

HINT TO THE ANSWER for the whole number Y



Come on now , check with all the great professors that you all have, how about the greast Professor Robert Israel , your mathematics should have had equations for the same for all values. Simple what is the value Y for the value,3.15 infinite numerations 3.15 , there are Y numbers of variations of the residua and the gap between all numbers is =Y what is Y for this baby number 3.15, What . Now do not try and get foamy at the mouth and blurt our profanities-- By the grace of Jesus Christ