Date: Nov 9, 2013 5:23 AM
Author: Tom Potter
Subject: Re: Einstein's big mistake

"Virgil" <> wrote in message
> In article <gVjfu.314642$cT3.60780@fx29.iad>,
> "Tom Potter" <> wrote:

>> to "Walk the walk" ( Prove their knowledge of Relativity and it's
>> usefuliness.)
>> rather than "Talk the talk". ( Parrot any positive reference to
>> Relativity,
>> no matter where it comes from, the Mass Media, from people motivate by
>> race and religion, form graduate students, from self-appointed gurus on
>> the
>> public dole,
>> who cannot use their claimed powerful, esoteric knowledge
>> to make a good living in the free market, etc.)
>> These self appointed Relativity gurus
>> are more like the Aztec priests who claimed
>> that ripping out hearts kept the sun rising every day,

> Without relativity theory, none of the modern particle accelerators
> could have been made to work, thus the Higgs boson (God particle) would
> not yet have been found.
> Without relativity theory, the GPS system would not work.
> (Google "GPS and relativity" for over a half million hits supporting
> that fact)
> So that those who reject relativity are still creatures of the
> nineteenth century, or earlier.
> So it appears that "Tom Potter"'s mouth is bigger than his brain.
> --

I am saddened to see that my pal Virgil
has been brainwashed to believe that
relativity theory is a cause,

and that "the GPS system would not work"
if Relativity did not exist.

No doubt, with a number of unneeded constants,
and fifteen or twenty Newtonian and Maxwellian hacks

the Relativity model can be manipulated to include

the Galileo Effect [Acceleration]
the Doppler Effect [Velocity]
the Hubble effect [Distance],
and maybe the Boltzmann Effect [Temperature],

My pal Virgil did raise a good point,
when he called attention to the fact
that as Relativity is a Tower of Babel
that generates more heat than light,

it is used by self appointed Gurus on the public dole
to con the government into wasting billions of the taxpayer's dollars
on projects like Gravity Probe B and the search
for the ****GOD PARTICLE****.

As can be seen, the Mass Media
made Einstein their Poster Boy

to rationalize why the Jewish culture
was vastly inferior to the cultures of
Egypt, Persia, India, China, Greece, Rome, Inca, Aztec, Mayan,
and why Jews have come into conflict
with all of their neighbors throughout history,

and they declared Einstein to be the Man of the Century
and Relativity a great intellectual accomplishment,
even though it wastes time, money and minds,

and cannot compare to the Watson/Crick DNA model
that is used millions of times every day
to improve food production,
improve health,
fight crime,
reconstruct history, etc.

I wonder who the Man of the Century would be,
if the Mass Media was dominated by
Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Indians, etc.??

I, for one, would like to see my pal Virgil
use Relativity to compute a few ocean tides in a few places,
as Newton did with his primitive model
using hand calculation.

With modern computers and algorithms,
this should be a walk in the park for my pal Virgil.

As my pal Virgil demonstrates,
a wasted mind is a terrible thing.

Tom Potter