Date: Nov 11, 2013 3:03 AM
Author: Tom Potter
Subject: Re: Einstein's big mistake

"Bart Goddard" <> wrote in message
> "Tom Potter" <> wrote in news:2UTfu.156198$0O4.80169
> @fx08.iad:

>> Even though I held responsible positions with four
>> Fortune 500 companies, and taught at the
>> military school, high school, college and seminar levels

> You say this like it's a boast. It's not really
> considered a "plus" on a resume to have lots and lots
> of previous employers.
> And the teenaged boys in the mailrooms, the old guys
> who empty the waste baskets at night, the ladies
> with annoying, nasal voices who run the switchboards,
> and the junkies doing the cold, outbound sales calls
> all "hold responsible positions in Fortune 500 companies."

No doubt job hopping is a red flag,
but in my case, each "hop" was to a better job,
and I was made a counter offer in each case.

As I have posted
rather than MAKE WORK
is a positive social force.

In my particular case,
I worked with Philco [Ford], Burroughs,
Bendix and Hewlett-Packard in technical positions,

and I never felt superior to the gals on the production lines,
nor the teenage boys in the mailrooms,
nor the old janitors, and the ladies on the switchboards
nor the inside sales force, as
"Nothing happens until someone sells something."

When I was a kid, I delivered groceries on a bike,
cut lawns, and did many odd jobs,

and as a small business owner,
I emptied waste baskets, ran errands,
made coffee, made signs and hand-outs, etc.

ANY kind of productive work is good.

In fact, the old apprentice system is FAR better
than public education,

and "Child Labor" is preferable to
kids hanging around malls, smoking dope,
engaging in premarital sex, etc.

as it teaches kids more than they learn in schools,
gives them a feeling of independence and worth,
and lets them contribute to their family and community.

I might point out,
that I wasn't "boasting".
I was just contrasting myself with an
immature person who made a personal attack.

Tom Potter