Date: Nov 12, 2013 8:23 AM
Author: Bart Goddard
Subject: Re: Einstein's big mistake

"Tom Potter" <> wrote in news:kRpgu.395989$i75.159063

> Thanks to my pal "Bart Goddard"
> for continuing to be a faithful reader of my posts,
> and for demonstrating how members of the Einstein Cult
> react to criticism of Einstein.
> It is interesting to see that my pal Bart
> seems to be projecting the image of a "rude asshole" onto me,

See your first paragraph. It's insulting, belittling,
ego-centric, sum, you're being a rude

Do you really believe that anyone would read your
long-winded, personal attack against all who disagree
with you and NOT see the gross hypocrisy? How thick
do you have to be to miss the glaring inanity of
committing sin A by the very process of accusing
others of committing sin A?

You're quite a piece of work. Probably headed for

> for making an effort to negate his "rude" reaction
> to my criticism of Einstein and the Einstein Cult members
> who "just spew out words THEY don't understand
> in an attempt to sound learned, and end up looking stupid."
> As can be seen by my posts to Usenet,
> I am seeking to determine the utility of Relativity,
> NOT seeking RUDE, personal attacks from Einstein cultists.
> I think Einstein Cultists would not "end up looking rude and stupid,
> if they simply used the powerful, esoteric knowledge
> they claim to possess to compute a few ocean tides
> as Newton did hundreds of years ago,
> using his primitive model of reality,
> and hand calculations.
> I dare say that with modern computers and algorithms,
> this should be a walk in the park
> for someone who knows Relativity
> and is not stupid.
> No doubt, a cultist can cherry pick and parrot
> a few cases where ten or fifteen Newtonian and Maxwellian hacks
> have been used to get Relativity to agree with some measurement,
> but I'd like to see some of these cultists just compute a few NEW

> using Relativity.
> As my pal Sam Wormley would say,
> "Work the problem sets, and SHOW their work."
> It is much easier [ For stupid people]
> to be RUDE
> and "talk the talk",
> than it is for them to be CIVIL
> and walk the walk.