Date: Jan 17, 2014 4:36 PM
Author: Jerry P. Becker
Subject: Conference Reminder: Int'l  Conf. Math. Creativity and Giftedness

Sent at the request of Linda Sheffield.
The 8th International Conference on Mathematical Creativityand Giftedness

July 28-30, 2014
University of Denver Campus
Denver, Colorado

Registration is now open on the Denver website

Session Types

Panel Discussions: The panel might include discussion of global
perspectives on policy, teacher preparation, acceleration, and
programs. (5 page paper)

Presentations: Presentations might include descriptions of the
teaching practices, curricula, projects, and programs aimed at the
development of students' mathematical creativity and giftedness. (5
page paper)

Research Reports: Presentation on authentic research in the field of
mathematical creativity and the education of gifted students. (5 page

Workshops: This type of presentation will require the active
involvement of participants and will emphasize hands-on activities.
(2 page paper)

Poster Presentations: These presentations are available for those
whose work is more suitably communicated in pictorial or graphic
form, or as a demonstration as opposed to an oral presentation. (2
page paper)

Proposal submission is open until January 31, 2014, 11:55PM (MST)

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