Date: Feb 8, 2014 10:51 AM
Author: Todd Fuller
Subject: AP Calculus AB & AP Statistics & Math 2 Honors & Math 2 Standard?

Fellow high school math and/or AP Calculus and AP Stats teachers:

What is you first reaction to:
possibly being asked to teach AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics, Math 2 Honors, and Math 2 Standard next year?

Is that too much?

I have been teaching AP Calculus AB. This is my third year doing so. 80% of what I was teaching was Geometry (two classes of standard and two of honors). But in August 2013, our state's DPI, suddenly mandated that we get rid of Geometry, and instead, teach Math 2. Quite a mess, b/c there was no textbook and few resources. I was looking forward to teaching the same courses again this school year back over the summer, but was disappointed to have 4 out of my 5 classes wiped out, and, with something new.

Now, next year, there is a possibility I might be asked to add AP Statistics. I do have a Stats minor in college. And I actually enjoy Stats better than most if not all math. But I am concerned that carrying three plannings, four if you count honors, gets to be too much, regardless of student load.

I have never taught Statistics before, and this is my third year teaching AP Calculus.

By the way, my salary was $40K four years ago, was cut 10% campus wide the next year, then slight raise one year. IN other words, 4 years after I started, all at the same school, my salary is $36.9K; over $3K lower than when I started.

I likely can't expect even a median level of salary. But I am interested in thoughts about overall course load from others.

Thank you.