Date: Feb 28, 2014 9:32 AM
Author: Jonas Matuzas
Subject: integral for fun

I wrote integral in Mathematica:
Integrate[Cos[x]^4/(1 + x^8), {x, -\[Infinity], \[Infinity]}]

for fun,( for speed compassion between win7 and Linux (actual I found that in Linux 4x faster with more simple integrals ))
and... This integral is still calculating, it is already passed 1.5 day , I am getting curios ... I am gonna to leave it for weekend in work place . My computer is almost front end- (i7 4770, 16 GB RAM), integral is running on Linux.
I am a bit lazy but I think this integral can by taken with pencil and paper using residual theory.
I find publication is talking about similar problem , and writing that in this case residual theory is not complete..:

What do you think - is it connected with so long calculation time.
Do you have some thoughts about this case?
I am just curios :)