Date: Mar 5, 2014 2:34 PM
Subject: Re: 4 colors problem

On Wednesday, March 5, 2014 12:17:50 PM UTC-6, wrote:
> It's simple to prove that the theorem works 100% in all cases where countries are shaped as a square of equal size (like a chessboard), but if a map has a country whose horizontal length is longer by twice or more compared to other countries then the theorem succeeds if the length is longer by a multiple of odd numbers, fails if longer by a multiple of even numbers.
> That's only if a common point is counted as a borderline.
> If a common point does not get counted as such, the success rate is no more than 3 out of all infinite cases.

Repeating the same nonsense does not make it true, it just makes you willfully ignorant.

The 4-color map problem is independent of the size or shape of the "countries" in question. The map can be represented by a planar graph in which each country is represented by an isolated dot, and adjacency of countries is represented by an edge joining the dots. Shapes, sizes, etc of countries *DON'T MAKE A DAMN DIFFERENCE*.

So, learn the basics or shut up.

> So far there has not been a single point raised for any errors or omissions or faulty or incomplete logic in the way this conclusion was reached.

Only in so far as you DON'T LISTEN. What you are saying is incoherent, incorrect, and ignorant, because your statements are nonsensical and based on a complete misunderstanding of what the problem actually asks. There is NO logic in your conclusions, because there is no logic in your argument. All there is, so far, is repeated ignorance and a steadfast determination to not learn a damn thing.

Go get a clue, for crying out loud.

Arturo Magidin