Date: Apr 3, 2014 9:50 PM
Author: Max
Subject: How to: index data from a for loop

Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to store a set of data from within a 'for' loop. For example I am running through multiple means in a distribution to find prob of failure for each. I want to have a matrix or even just a set of points that contain the mean and Pf. I tried things such as...
index(i) = (mu,Pf)
hoping to get a result such as
index(20) = (20,0.001)
index(21) = (21,0.002)
but that doesnt work of course.

Is it possible to use the value from a for loop in a title?

also, i realize im going for point values here, and since there will be many a vector would be much much nicer but I cant even imagine how to set that up.