Date: May 6, 2014 6:46 PM
Author: Jerry P. Becker
Subject: Position Announcement: Redlands Community College - OK

Sent at the request of Rachel Bates.
Professor for Mathematics - Full-time position with excellent benefits.

Position is a nine-month faculty position.

Responsibilities include: teach freshman and sophomore college-level
mathematics courses; assist in student retention and recruiting,
especially during enrollment periods both on campus and at outreach
sites; inform/educate high school seniors, counselors and parents in
the requirements for concurrent College Algebra classes; participate
in statewide course equivalency project to assure transfer of
credits; participate in professional development and campus
assessment activities; and participate in collegial activities with
faculty from other academic programs to ensure relevance and rigor of
the curriculum.

Master's Degree in Mathematics or related field preferred; two years
of mathematics teaching experience at the college level preferred;
and community college teaching experience preferred. Effective
communication skills are necessary.

To apply: submit a cover letter, resume, copies of college
transcripts, and three references with names, addresses, and phone
numbers. Position is open until filled.

Employment directions can be found: