Date: May 12, 2014 5:08 PM
Author: dhouser318
Subject: Master's Degree in Elementary Mathematics Ed

I am currently researching online only Master's degree programs for teaching elementary mathematics. I already have a Master's in elementary education (no specialization.) I have grown to LOVE teaching math in the past 22 years of my career and would love to become a math specialist. I teach in an independent school so I do not think I need a program that offers licensing  or a credential. I have already looked at Drexl's program..which I really love, although it is expensive (not sure if my employer will pay for the whole degree.) I have also looked at Ball State.   They both have online programs and they seem to be accredited teaching programs. The program I choose must deepen my math knowledge and help me with differentiating my teaching for high achievers. Finally, I would love a program that would incorporate the use of technology in teaching as well.  Any blogs, resources to help me in my search would be greatly appreicated! I just called NCTM and they do not endorse a!
ny masters programs, but they suggested I post something on mathforum!