Some subscribers to MathEdCC might be interested in a recent post "Physics Education Research Mentioned in Article About Obama Higher Ed Proposals" [Hake (2013)].  The abstract reads:

ABSTRACT: PhysLrnR's Bill Goffe, in his post "Re: PER Mentioned in Article About Obama Higher Ed Proposals" pointed to the "Chronicle of Higher Education" article "4 Key Ideas in Obama's Plan to Control College Costs Bear Familiar Fingerprints" [Berrett et al. (2013)] at <>. Therein Carl Wieman, Eric Mazur, and Richard Hake are mentioned. In my opinion:
1. Berrett et al.'s claims that (a) Wieman and Mazur, are proponents of the "flipped classroom," and (b) some of the earliest and most-cited research on the flipped classroom was conducted by R.R. Hake (1998a) - see "Interactive-engagement vs traditional methods: A six-thousand-student survey of mechanics test data for introductory  physics courses" at <>; rely on an overly broad interpretation of the "flipped classroom" to mean "students participate actively during class instead of listening passively."
2. Both claims "a" and "b" above are misleading to those who entertain the usual meaning of "flipped classroom," succinctly set forth by Andrea Zellner (2012) in "Flipping out? What you need to know about the Flipped Classroom" at <>. She wrote (my CAPS): "The flipped classroom flips this [traditional passive-student lecture model] on its head: through lecture capture software, LECTURES CAN BE CAPTURED ON VIDEO FOR STUDENTS TO WATCH AT HOME, freeing up class time for hands-on learning activities and discussion."
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"People have nowadays . . . got a strange opinion that everything should be taught by lectures. Now, I cannot see that lectures can do so much good as reading the books from which the lectures are taken. Lectures were once useful; but now, when we can all read, and books are so numerous, lectures are unnecessary. "
      - Samuel Johnson according to James Boswell  (1791) [Samuel Johnson doubtless rolls in his grave at the thought that in the 21st Century *videos* are evidently replacing *reading*.]

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