I have found it interesting that some of my parents and students love to supplement my courses with Khan Academy clips and exercises and others simply, hate it. One student told me, "That guy's voice puts me to sleep - it does not help me at all,"  while others report that it is very helpful. Many parents indicate that when helping their kids with problems at home, they use Khan Academy as a refresher so that they are able to give better explanations to their students working on specific types of problems. Today I read this article below  and wondered about the new computer science component being added and how helpful it might be.  Anna

Khan Academy to launch computer science curriculum (snip) http://www.itworld.com/it-managementstrategy/289683/khan-academy-launch-computer-science-curriculum

Note: The story has been updated to include news of the launch, which occurred a day earlier than had been announced.

Free online tutorial service Khan Academy has launched a new series of instructional videos and tutorialscovering the field of computer science.

"This project is going to blow the doors off Computer Science education," boasted Khan's dean of computer science and noted JavaScript programmer John Resig, in a Twitter message. "I have a feeling that people are going to have A LOT of fun with it."

In another Twitter message, Resig hinted of a project that has taken him 10 months to complete. Resig is the creator of the widely used jQuery JavaScript library, and has written numerous books on JavaScript.

Shantanu Sinha, Khan Academy president and COO, called the curriculum "pure magic," in another Twitter message.

In a blog post last December, Resig said it would be likely that its computer science curriculum would teach JavaScript as a first language. While noting JavaScript's many shortcomings, Resig praised the language for its "ubiquity, desirability in the larger workforce, lack of prior installation requirements, and ability to create something that's easy to share with friends," he wrote, adding that the curriculum would not focus solely on JavaScript.