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   Not only have the EM been running our schools for some 60 yrs (or more, depending on how you count them), but they plainly have no intention of changing their theories, policies, or practices.  This much you can take to the bank:  so long as the EM are in charge, the schools we have are the schools we get.  Period.  If you want something else you will have to hire other people.  After 60 yrs, several $TTTrillion, and several generations of children---it's not like we didn't give these people a chance---it is really that simple.

No representation without taxation.

Sixty years is a long time. 

Your remark reminds me of that translated Buddhist saying:  cut yourself some slack; in a hundred years, all new people.

No one in their 40s has been EM for 60 years, so internally there's a sense of new people trying new things.

I have a hard time distinguishing your EM from the Idiocracy more generally. 

Are you sure this isn't just the monopoly of the mediocre?    When was it so much better?  What exactly happened 60 years ago again?

Humans don't have a lovely track record. 

What era are you for turning back the clocks to?  For what "other tomorrow" do you yearn?

I think you should spend less time venting about the status quo and more time sketching how it could be so much better.

Any resonance with this article here?  Or is this more EM propaganda?