On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 8:46 PM, GS Chandy <gs_chandy@yahoo.com> wrote:
I must note that I'm otherwise in quite fundamental 
disagreement with practically everything Lord Churchill 
ever stood for.
> Dora Marsden's work I do not know: shall try and
> understand that.
I'm ashamed I had never heard (or had never 
remembered having heard) of Dora Marsden!   
Have since been looking up on her, and I observe 
that Lord Churchill was profoundly anti-everything 
Dora Marsden stood for (as might have been 
expected).  In any case, I am hastily rectifying 
this serious gap in my knowledge and understanding 
of things.

I chose Dora for one of my short lists of heroes
in part because she's obscure, not just to yourself.
My friend and scholar Trevor Blake turned me
on to him. 

Trevor is a sleuth for obscure yet powerful
thinkers, perhaps unrecognized in their own
time, or perhaps strange in all times, yet shining
specimens of some extreme or other.  Not
surprisingly, he has tracked Bucky Fuller (how
he met me).

Yes, Dora and Churchill were contemporaries,
she being a powerhouse writer in favor of
giving women real  / equal political privileges
in the UK.  She once crashed a males-only
meeting wherein Churchill was a chief speaker
and hauled away by police.