8 November, 2013
Volume 18 No. 45
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Vernier/NSTA Technology Awards

Math Warriors' Kickstarter

The 2013 Nation's Report Card: Mathematics Results


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Vernier/NSTA Technology Awards


Do you teach with data-collection technology such as probes and sensors? Vernier Software & Technology and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) want to recognize educators who do so in "a truly engaging and innovative way."

Prizes consist of $1,000 in cash; $3,000 in Vernier products, which range from TI SmartView™ Emulator Software and EasyLink™ to radiation monitors and goniometers; and up to $1,500 toward expenses to attend the 2014 NSTA National Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.

Complete this download to apply for one of the awards by the deadline of Saturday, 30 November:


PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

"At first we were uncertain about what strategies we would use to solve this Problem of the Week. After much algebraic thinking we came to the conclusion that...."
- Graciela and Amairany, highlighted in the Algebra PoW's latest solution

Math Warriors' Kickstarter


The comedic webseries on "love, betrayal.... calculus" featured here last year en route to its third season now seeks your support.

The filmmakers behind Math Warriors have overcome many obstacles on their shoe-string budget — from a car accident to stolen microphones (and one that fell in a toilet). Chip in to their Kickstarter campaign to help the crew cover editing, color correction, music composition, audio mixing, and other post-production needs as Funky Function teammates Felicia and Feng embark on a new season where they face turnover in the math team, skepticism from the prison warden, a new challenge from the university dean — and each other.

In appreciation for donations of prime number dollar amounts, Math Warriors offers "fun funky functional goodies," such as an invitation to select the featured math quote for an episode, special thanks credit in a Season 4 episode, and a walk-on role in the season that starts filming this January.

Hurry — the Math Warriors' fundraiser wraps up Wednesday, 13 November.

Season 4 premiered Tuesday:


Now taking place: math education conversation of the day

"We are conducting a study of various stakeholders' familiarity with and interpretations of the mathematical practices identified by the Common Core. So that we may obtain as much feedback from the mathematics and education communities as possible, please feel free to forward the survey link to any colleagues you feel may be interested in participating."
- Scott, posted to the discussion of the members of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics

The 2013 Nation's Report Card: Mathematics Results


As reported in these pages last Friday, the 2013 Nation's Report Card came out yesterday. Come browse the report online, link to the full data, and download a copy.

Highlights from this report card include fourth-graders' continued progress in mathematics; improvement since 2011 in average scores for students of different racial/ethnic groups, with Hispanic students raising their mathematics scores at both grades 4 and 8; and standout increases of seven points for fourth graders from Tennessee and the District of Columbia over the past two years.


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