22 November, 2013
Volume 18 No. 47
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Team America Rocketry Challenge


The Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) is ready to blast off!

For over a decade, TARC has inspired thousands of students through the designing, building, and flying of model rockets.

This year's criteria: launch a rocket that climbs 825 feet carrying a payload of two raw eggs, and safely returns to earth via a dual-parachute recovery — eggs intact — within a window of 48-50 seconds.

Sponsorship from the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) and the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) has established a $60,000 prize package.

Register before the deadline of Sunday, 1 December.

PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

"Looking over your questions made me think about the problem more and what I need to check before submitting. It also made me revise and get a better understanding of how to write when trying to explain to somebody how I solved a problem."
- Nicole, highlighted in the FunPoW's latest solution



A website recently launched to freely provide step-by-step typeset results in algebra, trigonometry, differential calculus, and integral calculus.

CyMath launched its cymath.com website to put people in "the right mindset of solving math problems, with the focus not on the 'what,' but more on the 'why.'" Just key in your expression or equation — or modify one of CyMath's examples — then select from among eight actions in the pull-down menu:

  • simplify
  • factor
  • expand
  • partial fraction
  • long division
  • complete the square
  • derivative
  • integral

Looking for a challenge? CyMath posts a new problem on its blog every Monday:


We first learned about CyMath as a suggestion to the Internet Math Library, which today boasts over 11,000 math and math education websites. Share your own by visiting


Now taking place: math education conversation of the day

"Of course I revised. What kind of dinner guest... I hope my score goes up, or my students will be shocked."
- Laurel, tweeted to @maxmathforum

Math Movie Network


A couple years ago, a sixth grade math class from a Title I school in Massachusetts began making and sharing their own educational videos online. Encouraged by additional participation and funding, the kids behind the "Student Made Math Movie" wiki recently rolled out a new website.

Come to mathmovienetwork.com and check out dozens of brief clips that show students explaining topics from counting and cardinality, to operations and algebraic thinking, to statistics and probability — all sortable by level, popularity, starring class, and more:


Sign up for free registration to enjoy benefits such as the ability to save your favorite videos. The section labeled "practice" embeds related interactive problems from Khan Academy. And the teacher of "The Avery Bunch" welcomes submissions of your own student's original productions:


Mr. Avery launched the new self-proclaimed "Home of Student Made Math Movies" with an ING Unsung Heroes grant.


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