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The twelfth bi-annual conference on Elementary Mathematics Teaching, SEMT '13, is to be held from August 18-23, 2013, in Prague. The programme will focus on the teaching of mathematics to children within the age-range 5-12 years

The theme of SEMT '13 is 'Tasks and tools in elementary mathematics' .

The Symposium comprises plenary lectures, presentation of papers, and workshops. SEMT '13 PLENARY speakers are:

Olive Chapman (Canada): Engaging children in learner-focused mathematical tasks

Rose Griffiths (United Kingdom): Working with children in public care who have difficulties in mathematics

GŁnter Krauthausen (Germany): Digital media in elementary mathematics education

Joanne Mulligan (Australia) Inspiring young children's mathematical thinking through pattern and structure

Jennifer Young-Loveridge (New Zealand): Using multiplication and division tasks to support young children's part-whole thinking in mathematics 

More information: http://www.semt.cz
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