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Date: June 19, 2012 3:04:07 PM EDT
Subject: By Teachers, For Teachers – and for Free

Dear Roberta M.,

Teaching is an extraordinarily complex and challenging enterprise, made even more so by the introduction of new academic standards to help all students develop 21st-century skills and by the blunt impact of years of budget cuts. For so many, it is reassuring to know that, for virtually every educational challenge they encounter, a fellow teacher out there somewhere undoubtedly has solved it. But it also can be frustrating: Who has come up with a solution, what is it, and where can it be found?

This is why I am very excited to announce Share My Lesson.

Watch this video and start sharing!

The AFT has joined with Britain’s TES Connect to create an exciting new tool created by teachers, for teachers that allows educators—preschool through college—to upload their own lesson plans, download other educators’ resources, and rate and review resources on the site, all at no charge. This new and exciting platform is an online community where teachers can freely share resources with each other.

Be one of the first to join—register with Share My Lesson now and start sharing!

Teachers are craving the tools and support they need to help their students succeed. Share My Lesson, with more than 180,000 resources already, will become the largest online community for educators in the United States—and a great resource to help give teachers what they need. We know that when teachers share and collaborate—whether it is about the content of their lessons, or their strategies for reaching students—students benefit.

Register today and help us make Share My Lesson even better.

Share My Lesson will include a dedicated resource bank for the Common Core State Standards, which are coming to 46 states and Washington, D.C., starting in the fall. These standards have the potential to help students acquire the subject knowledge, deep understanding and ability to apply concepts that will prepare them for college, career and life. But we know teachers will need the tools to meet these new instructional challenges. Starting today, teachers can go to Share My Lesson to find and upload resources that address the new standards.

Join us in this exciting new venture—register for Share My Lesson today.

I believe that Share My Lesson is the single most important tool the AFT has launched in more than a generation. For every teacher who has stayed up late into the night thinking about how to help a student struggling to understand a concept, or who has wondered about a fresh way to teach a lesson, Share My Lesson offers access to vast resources, right when teachers need them. This site will benefit both educators and students. Great ideas that enlighten and engage students in an individual classroom now will have a pathway to countless teachers and their students. Geography should not affect which children’s teachers have access to the best teaching resources.

In unity,
Randi Weingarten
AFT President

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