Not true.  I checked with OSA and it is the principal's decision as to whether, for example, a teacher who has a student in algebra 2 can correct their exam in geometry,
John Sittig
Math/Science Department Chair
Voorheesville, NY

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You cannot correct the Regents exams of students in your SCHOOL. You may correct Regents exams of other schools in all math subjects. This is the general idea behind distributive scoring. I realize that this may be onerous for some districts and I'm not sure how those particular issues are being handled by the state.
 Kate Martin-Bridge
High School Level Rep 
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So, does this mean that if I am presently teaching Alg 2/Trig, that I may not correct the exams of my specific students,  but I can correct my peer's students' exams. OR since I am teaching Alg 2/Trig, I may not correct ANY Algebra 2/Trig exams?

Carol Gillis

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