The question first: 
In Algebra 2,  during review, I ran into a few older Regents exam questions about the discriminant.   Why, if the discriminant is negative, do you get "two imaginary roots"?   You don't.   You get two complex roots; imaginary numbers are a subset of the complex numbers.   3+2i is NOT an imaginary number.   Why the shift from correct vocabulary in one unit (A2.N.8 Determine the conjugate of a complex number) to incorrect vocabulary in another unit?  Example: Jan 2011, #2. 

And, I know that the quantity of stuff in the core has been pointed out before, but this weekend, I really thought "wow."   I did three separate 4 hour review sessions for students in Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2.   Relatively good students (as if that needed to be said - 4 hours of review on a Sat or Sunday?)     But, Geometry: started at G.G.1, covered every one of them through G.G.74 - 100% of course in 4 hours, almost on the dot, including one full Regents, and every proof since 2005.   Algebra  - had to take a couple breaks with the one year younger students.   Still, from A.N.1 through whatever it goes to, we hit about 90% of them, plus a full Regents exam.     Algebra 2...   This was the 3rd weekend that I did 4 hours of review with them.   TWELVE hours of review, and we're close, but not quite through 100% of the core indicators. 

-Tom Kenyon
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