We've assigned graphing calculators to the AII classes, and are considering assigning them also to the regular Algebra class.   As they're not as useful on a daily basis (proofs anyone) in geometry class, we don't see a reason to assign them for that course, although the classroom sets are used semi-regularly.
Just a trick that's worked out very well for me this year (a HUGE step up from the headache of keeping track of graphing calculators from previous years) - I purchased one of those clear vinyl shoe holder things.   I painted a number on each graphing calculator using nail polish (not just on the cover of the calculator.)   In each shoe compartment, I have a white index card with the calculator number on it.    If I can see white, a calculator is missing.  If I see 24 black squares, all the calculators are there.  It's like this one:
I think I paid $5.97 for it at Boscov's or some other similar department store.   (Or, you could waste money and blow about $80 on nearly the same thing from School Specialty.)

-Tom Kenyon
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We do not have enough calculators to do this.  Instead, we give each teacher a class set (or almost a class set) of calculators.  They are handed out in the beginning of class (if needed) and collected again before the end of class.  Depending on the student population and on the teacher's procedures, we do lose some calculators this way every year.  I almost think we would lose fewer if we signed them out to students for the year, but alas t hat is not an option for us.

Evelyne Stalzer


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For the last several years, we have assigned calculators to our Alg 2/Trig classes like a textbook.  They are responsible for it for the year, and turn it in at the end of their regents exam.  If they lose it, they have to pay for it.  We are considering trying this with all of our classes next year, i.e. adding alg and geometry to the loaning process.  Do any other schools do this?  Has it been successful?  We are worried that the younger students won’t be as responsible, and lose them.  Please let us know if you have tried this and how it worked out for you!  Or, do you require your students to buy their own graphing calculator in their freshman year?


Phyllis Frantel

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