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Topic: The Mathematical Codes of the Roman and English Miles- Part 1: Historical Evidence,
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Ion Vulcanescu

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From: 125 Main Street, POB-166,Hurleyville, NY 12747
Registered: 3/18/06
The Mathematical Codes of the Roman and English Miles- Part 1: Historical Evidence,
Posted: Sep 30, 2006 4:45 PM
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Copyrights 2006 by Ion Vulcanescu.
Please,abide by
found at the end of the Mathforum posted article:
"the Condemnation by the Paris Livre of the French Academy of Sciences"
An Invisible to Mathematicians Line crosses through the Science of Mathematics...
At one end of this Invisible Line is THE ROMAN AND OLD ENGLISH MILES,
and to the other end of this line is... THE NEW ENGLISH MILE...
This Invizible Line separes THREE Bodies of Mathematical Knowledge:

(a) - The First Body of Mathematical Knowledge
springs-out from the before era of the Sumerian time
and crossing all the ancient civilizations prooves
to have reached the Roman Civilization, and remaining imortalized in
survived the Degradation of the Roman Civilization,
survived the Destruction; (1) in Italy by the Vatican clossing down
the Early Mathematical Centers, and (2) in England by the act of
KING HENRY VIII (1491-1547)
who appears that after he closed down the Catholic Churches and
extablished the Church of England, his time-scientists
in order stay in step with the Henry VIII act of closing down the
Catholic Churches, they too, appears to have taken steps
to became "political correct",
and thus they appears that deliberately changed the Concept of Mile
from the 5000 feet/mile (of the Old English Mile), to a 5280 feet/mile
which is what is today's Concept, and

(b) The Second Body of Mathematical Knowledge
prooves to have been INCORPORATED in the Concept of Mile
that is seen today as 5280 feet/mile
and is prooved by the reigntime of Queen Elizabeth I (1595)

(c) The Third Body of Mathematical "Knowledge"is
what is today the Science of Mathematics
wher NOT EVEN HINT of the First and Second Bodies
of Mathematical Knowledge is even recognized to...Ever Existed,
less to present them to the Students and to Civilization.
...and as the Time passed,
and in the today's days the Science of Mathematics being in an era of
where the Foundations of this Third Body being already
well-established, the Mathematicians, the Universities,
the Academies of Science, and the International Mathematical Union,
they all being locked-up in this Third Body,
having a Vested Interest that their Incomes and Prestiges
to remain unchanged, they all take steps to
ridiculize, denigade, shame and even
remove from the Universitar and Academic World
any University Proffessor or Academician who dares to challenge
...and as from the Darkenss of the Time
The Concepts of Roman Mile (of 80,000 units), and
The Concept of the Old English Mile( of 5,000 units), and
The Concept of the New English Mile ( of 5280 units)
they cry out through the Geometrical Proportion:

"Shame to you...Mathematicians !,
Shame to you ...Universities !,
Shame to you...Academies of Science !,
Shame to you ...International Mathematical Union !,
Shame to you ...Vatican !
Shame to you Church of England !"

here I am , me, Ion Vulcanescu
the author, editor and publisher of
who being not afraid of the Universitar and Academic World,
in the name of the american people,
spitting on the Dignity and Honour of these
"Universitars and Academicians"
I here now start presenting to the Students and to Civilization
Come with me Students...
Come with me you University Professors who
deigraded, and shamed, or afraid to speak out
the Geometrical Truth, locked out in the everyday Universitar Life,
you are being "pushed-down" by your Mediocre Spiritual "Colleagues".
I shall show you a Spiritual Beauty that no Encyclopedy even dream of,
I shall show the Great Spiritual Achivements of the makers of:
- The Roman Mile of 80,000 units,
- The Old English Mile of 5,000 units, and
- The New English Mile of 5280 units.
Let's then begin..
Although there is much much more to be written about
these Three Concepts of Miles, I shall resume their presentation
to the facts that attracted my attention...
It is clear established that it was used in the Roman times,
and had the following Concept:
1 - Milliarum ( Mile)------ONE UNIT
2 - Actus (Chain)---------125/3th of an unit
3 - Decempeda (Perch)---500th of an unit
4 - Passus Double ( Double Pace)---1000th part of an unit
5 - Gradus Simple ( Single Pace)------2000th part of an unit
6 - Cubitus ( Cubit)-----10,000/3th of an unit
7 - Palmides ( Palm)----4,000th of an unit
8 - Pes ( Foot)----5,000th of an unit--
9 - Palmus (Span) 20,000th of an unit
10 - Unica (Inch)---60,000th part of an unit
11 - Digitus ( Finger)---80,000th part of an unit

Look now to the Concept that is now under your eyes:
you see 11 lines, but you do not see THE DESIGN, and
although "the parts" seem to tell "something", in fact what
you have under your eyes it is of a so Great Spirituality
that myself when I "read it" I had to rise up from the chair ,
and bend my head down in sign of Respect for the Spiritual Beauty
that I had under my eyes.
Now let's see the Concept of the Old English Mile...
This Concept we also know it for that SURVIVED in England
until it was OFFICIAL REPLACED by the House under
We also know that the Old English Mile had 5000 feet.
Now look to The Roman Mile which also had...5000 feet
which fact indicates that they were THE SAME.
Let's now look to the New English Mile Concept...
You find it presented on Internet @
from where I am now taking out THE CONCEPT, and
reseating follows:
1- Mile---------ONE UNIT
2 - Furlong----8th part of the unit
3 - Rod------320th parts of an unit
4 - Yard----1760th part of an unit
5 - Foot----5280th part of an unit
6 - Cubit---3520th part of an unit
7 - Span-----7040th part of an unit
8 - Hand----15840th part of an unit
9 - Palm----21120th parth of an unit
10- Inch------63360th part of an unit
11- ...and that is all for now.....
Forget about "line" and "mil"
they were creatted later and are not part of
Do not forget that the Historical Evidence indicates that
was implemented by Queen Elizabeth I during 1595.
Now you have to follow me for that I shall present you now
a form through which myself I am doing my Research.
Simplu put it...I AM A DETECTIVE !
Let's then REASON !
"There was a time in the history of Rome and England
when the Mile was THE SAME.
Then by the time of King Henry VIII ( 1491 - 1547)
he broke off with the Catholic Church,
then by the time of Quen Elizabeth I (1595)
we see the New English Mile appearing..
Good, let's keep this in Mind and Reason further...
By the time of Leibnitz (1646-1716) and Newton (1642-1727)
the scientific evidence indicates that they through their
so called Calculus, evaluatted the PI value at the
presente known value seen in the science of mathematics
which is 3.141592654....
Furthermore the first who came out with the known mark for PI was
someone named Willliam Jones (1675-1749)
Also GOOD..let's keep this mind, too...and go further...
There is book out there called:
"The History of PI", by Petr Beckman,
who was a Cheoslovac, who coming to USA became
"university professor" and writing "the history of PI"
look what he written about..the Romans,
and now I quote from his book:

Chapter : The Roman Pest
"While the quest for knowledge was storming ahead
at the University of Alexandria,...Rome was rapidly becoming
the capital of the tughs
"It is my opinion that the alleged Roman achievements are
largely a myth...What the Romans excelled it was
bullying, bludgeoning, butchering and blood bath..."
Now let's put all the Elements toghter and Think:
"If these Romans were indeed as this "university professor"
says that "they were", then we can proove their Spiritual
Image through THE ROMAN MILE.
Let's then do it...
As years back myself I already had observed
as being a Square of side 4 by 4 with an inscribed circle,
where the area of the square was eqaul to the perimeter (as 16)
and the Circle area and Circumference were
also equal ( as 12.58505748) through the Sumerian Geometric PI Value
I immediate observed that when I divided
the Roman Miles Fingers (80,000) to the English Mile's feet (5000)
I had the ratio of 16 as 80,000 : 5000 = 16.
Then I also realized that in the ancient world the Foot was
indeed having 16 fingers.
...Having then observed the above explained effect, I knew
that is somehow I shall also find the Geometrical Relation of the
Roman and Old English Mile Concepts to " 12.58505748",
not only I shall be able to rebouke this "university professor"
affirmation that the Romans were so IDIOTS, but also I shall'
be able to give back to Civilization her lost Spiritual Beauty...
...and I knew that being an Independent Researcher
having no fear to be ridiculized, hated or fired from my
"universitar position", I had no fear to begin...
...and again keep in mind that
If I can Geometrically Proove that in the Roman and Old English
Concept of Mile lives hidden the Other Form of the Geometrical
Equilibrium (12.58505748..), not only that I shall be able to
Ivalidate the History of PI affirmation that "the Romans were
Pests" but also proove that the Old Sumerian Geometric PI
Value survived with Millenia, passed from Generation to
Generation until died in Double Graves: One in the Vatiucan
act of shutting down the Early European Mathematical Cenetrs,
and the Second in England when England switched from the
Old English Mile( of 5000 Roman feet) to the New English Mile
( of 5280 New Feet)
...and now let's break the Ancient Codes :
(a) - The ancients BEFORE the Romans used the following Concept
Foot = 16 fingers
Palm = 20 fingers
Cubit = 24 fingers
(b) - then THE ROMANS came in with THE INCH, and the Concept
now appears as follows:
Roman Foot = 12 inches
Ancient Foot = 16 Fingers
Ancient Palm = 20 Fingers
Ancient Cubit = 24 Fingers.

First Break
12 x 16 x 20 x 24 = 92160

Second Break
92160 : Decimal System = 9216

Third Break
9216 x .053093211= 489.3070348
489.3070348 is...THE PARIS LIVRE
.053093211 = The Paris Livre's Grain, AND
9216 are the number of Grains in Paris Livre,

Fourth Break:
(Sumerian Geometric PI Value = 3.14626437..., and
Day = 86400 seconds)
Step 1
92160 x 5: 1.3333 = 86400 x4
3.14626437; ( 92160 x 5 : 1.33333) = 9.103774219 (-06)
..and for understsning THE MEANING OF " 9.10377421 (-06) see
Serie of articles 2006-2007" @
where you find this "9.103774219 (-06 )" explained as
"9.103774217 (-06)", where the change of the last decimal
from "7" to "9"was done by me later for better exactitude.
The Presentation of the Research Data shall continue in Part 2...
Ion Vulcanescu - Philosopher,
Author, Editor and Publisher of

September 29 2006
Sullivan County
State of New York
The United States of America

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