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Topic: The Antiquity of the Sumerian PI Value, Part 22 - THE DESIGN OF ARCHIMEDES
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The Antiquity of the Sumerian PI Value, Part 22 - THE DESIGN OF ARCHIMEDES
Posted: Mar 10, 2014 12:13 AM
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att1.html (136.6 K)
Part 22 Final.jpg (705.5 K)

Copyrights 2014 by Ion Vulcanescu.

Researching the Research Data of this article you shall realize that
such person now in history of mathematics called "ARCHIMEDES",
NEVER EXISTED, and that "he".was a "Spiritual Virus"
of the European Dark Age Jewish Scholars
send in time as to counterattack
the Europeans falsification of the Civilization's History.

Here you shall see how "Coincidence after Coincidence" appear
negating what the world of the today's Universities,
not being able to be explain, is calling it "COINCIDENCE".
Please, be aware that the understanding of this article
requires familiarization with the prior Research Data
of Part 1 through Part 21 that can be found at:
You have reached an United States of America's Independent Research
facilitated by the wisdom of the USA Drexel University's Mathforum
to give to the Independent Researchers of outside of USA Universities
an Internet Voice where free of any Political, and Private Interests
they to be able publish their Research and Opinions.

Thus this article contains not only the Research Data,
but also my Opinions of Philosopher, both protected by
the Federal Laws of the United States, and by the International Laws.

If you intend to use partial or total this research, you can use it by
the Specifications of the Copyright Notice of
that can be found attached at the end of the article:
"The Condemnation by the Paris Livre
of the French Academy of Sciences" at
Please, abide by the Mathforum's Terms of Use, and be aware that
any infringement on this author Ideas and/or Philosophical Concepts
presented on Mathforum for worldwide researchers, as also
any attempts of using Reverse Mathematical Approaches, or
Designed Concepts of going around, or altering for Universitar
or Academic Credits, or for Financial Gains of the Philosophical Concepts
herein indicated are Severe Violations of the USA,
and International Copyrights Treaties.

Detailed Visual Explanations through Geometrical Draws of
the Mathematical Exactitude of
can be found on web on the author Facebook Page at:
Please, be aware that in order to open and research these pages
you may have to Register, and/or Sign in.

Providing that the Mathforum and the Author are mentioned,
the PH Dr. Students are Permitted Free of Charge
to use on their papers this and any other Research Data of this Author,
but a Copy of such papers have to be delivered ASAP to Mathforum,
and also to this Author

The Same Permission ( as above indicated)
it is also given to all Worldwide Newspapers,
and to all Student Newspapers,
who may consider to republish any Research Data for their readers.
Also, please, be aware that as this article here-and-there
may have typing errors, or other errors,
it shall be corrected by author
until it shall remain as to the intended form.

Due to this effect
all researchers who shall find this article on internet
are asked that always to return to Mathforum at:
and consider only the last corrected edition, or
pass over such error(s), and research further.
.and now let's enter into the Main Body of Research,
and read the Time-Messages published on my Facebook page at
where look for the page called

You can find this page on my Photos Album

Please, go there, download this page, print it, and
put it on table under your eyes as only looking to it
you shall understand the Research Data I here now begin to explain.

Other way to reach this page is to open the Attachment
ofthis article, and print it from here. Be assured this Attachment it is mine
As it is sustained by the Evidence of the Universities,
and Academies of Sciences, the first scholar
who mentioned the birthdate of Archimedes it was the byzantine
Greek historian called JOHN TZETZES.

Let's then Reason this "Evidence".

1st Reasoning
As the Evidence shows this "John Tzsetzes was born by cca. 1110 AD,
and died in 1180 AD. Now, if we consider the birth year of Archimedes
by this Tzetzes, to have been 287 BC, then we observe that he speak
about a span of time of cca. 1,400 years.

Adding to this the fact that in scholar world
it is known that Tzetzes did not have access to written material,
and on top of this he was a person described as vain, and rivalry
and that he violently attacked his fellows, we see a first sign that
when taking the birth of Archimedes as 287 BC we realize that
"something suspicious" may be involved.

2nd Reasoning
And now another Suspicions appear one-after-other.
Please, look in the draw you just printed from my Facebook page.
Look to the Year of Birth and the year of Death of Archimedes, and also
to the MF of these year.

Look in the Time-Messages 3rd, 5th, and 6th.
Note how these "years" and their MF are appearing in
strict synchronization with the two sets of " PI Value
31531971 and 31071317.

3rd Reasoning
Now, I have to tell you that during the research,
realizing that Suspicions appeared, I have researched the name of
JOHN TZETZES through the Mathematical Models,
and they signaled to me that:

And here I am presenting you the Proves:

1st Proof that John Tzetzes. never existed, and that his " name"
it was in fact a DESIGN.

Here is the Time-Message:
"(7776 + 50176) - ( 6400 - 5184) - 32 = 26896 +43264 - 13456"

Let's read it:

"(JOHN + TZETZES) - ( The MF of PI 3.141592654 - the MF of
PI 3.14626437) - 32 ( steps to "wisdom" of Cabala =
= the MF of word ARCHIMEDES + the MF of word Syracuse -
- the MF of YHWH ( or the Mf of the word Phidias - Archimedes father).

More than this, it is said that " Archimedes
when discovering the volume of the Sphere,
he run nacked on the Syracuse's street chanting " EVREKA"
Well. the MF of EVREKA it is also.13456.

So we see this Code "13456" as:
- YHWH has a MF of "13456"
- EVREKA has a MF of "13456",
- PHIDIAS ( Archimedes Father has a MF of "13456", and
- SWASTIKA + The Jerusalem "Defector's" Code 115880,
also equal "13456"

2nd Proof that John Tzetzes..never existed, and that his " name"
it was in fact a.DESIGN.

Here is the Time-Message:
"((2116 x 8.888. - 8.888.) + ( 38416 - 648 - (6400 - 5184) -
- (7744 + 4900 + 5476)) : 32 = (23 x 276 x 276/23) - 7776 - 50176"

Let's read it:
"(( the MF of the Two Sets x 8.888. - 8.888.) + ( the MF of
Jerusalem - the Grains ( of the Fingers) of the Geometrical Equilibrium -
- ( the MF of the PI 3.141592654 - the MF of the PI 3.14626437) -
- ( the Mf of ULAM + the MF of HEKAL + the MF of DEBIR)) :
; the 32 (steps to "wisdom" of Cabala = ( the number of letters of'
the Roman Alphabet x the sum of these letters x the ratio between
the total letters, and their sum) - the MF of the word JOHN - the
MF of the word TZETZES"

Note: Consider the "8.8888.." as a perimeter of Square of size 2,
multiplied by 1.111. as (2x4) x 1.111. = 8.8888.

3rd Proof that John Tzetzes. never existed, and that his " name"
it was in fact a DESIGN.

Explication of the Code 12696
This Time-Message requires the understanding of what it was
to the ancient civilization the draw that we call as POINT.

To us now - THE POINT - is only something like this
- see between the parenthesis ( .), while for the ancient civilizations
it was A SQUARE. Here bellow you shall see that
the MF of the word HEXAGON when multiplied by 4
as to form a Geometric Point of a Square, and then the Square
is divided by 6 as to change it to a Hexagon Side . Do not look
to this Effect as a mathematician, but as an encoder.
And here is such Encoder view: "19044 x 4 : 6 = 12696

Then we see how the Roman Alphabet's Encrypted Code 76176
it is now IN REVERSE divided by 4, and then by 6, thus
from a Square, we go to the Square's Side, and then from
the Square's Side by dividing by 6 we reach a Hexagon Side as:
(23 x 276 x 276/23) : 4 : 6 = 12696.

Thus - under an encrypted form-
the Hexagon side appears of value " 12696".

Here is the Time-Message:
"(6400 - 5184 : 2) + 12696 = (7776 + 50176 :4) - ( 6400 - 5184) x 32"

It reads:
(The MF of the PI 3.141592654 - the MF of the PI 3.14626437 : 2 ( of them) +
+ 129696 = the MF of the word JOHN = the MF of the word TZETZES : 4 (thus
the John Tzetzes it is a Square) + 32 ( steps to :wisdom: of Cabala".

And seeing now how is created
Let's now look to the available Evidence regarding ARCHIMEDES.

1st Fact shrouded in ambiguity!
It is said that his father PHIDIAS was an Astronomer,
yet nothing is known about his father.

2nd Fact shrouded in ambiguity !
Plutarch wrote that Archimedes was related to King Hiero II of Syracuse,
yet there is not any Proof of this in any ancient writings.

3rd Fact shrouded in ambiguity !
A Biography of Archimedes was written by his friend Heracleides,
but...this work was lost.

4th Fact shrouded in ambiguity !
It is not known if Archimedes had a family or children.

5th Fact shrouded in ambiguity !
It is said that he studied at Alexandria, yet there is not any Record
of such date which to prove that he was ever there.

6th Fact shrouded in ambiguity!
It is said that in 75 BC, Cicero found his tomb, but was lost,
and even today there is not any Evidence of its ever existence.

Then it is let to be believed that Archimedes lived
also.. 75 years. Well, something is around the number "75"..

Let's look at it: the MF of "75" it is 2352.
And now let's read it:
"(60 x 8) + (2352 x75 : 10) = 7744 + 4900 + 5476"
Let's now read it:
"( Sexagesimal System x 8) + ( the MF of 75 x 75 : Decimal System) =
= The Mf of ULAM + the MF of HEKAL + the MF of DEBIR"

.and what were for the writers of the Torah the names
They were the 3 Main Rooms of THE SOLOMON TEMPLE !

7th Fact shrouded in ambiguity!
It is said that Archimedes invented the Screw with which water
was moved up, yet there is not any hint how such Screw was rotating.

Certainly by the time of before 212 BC the Motor was not yet invented,
and to say that group of humans or animals were able
to turn such Screw, there is not any mention of it.

8th Fact shrouded in ambiguity!
As already observed by other Researchers, the Figure that it is printed
in the history books, and it is said that it is the figure of Archimedes,
but by these researchers this figure
it is the figure of one of the Generals of the King of Syracuse.

9th Fact shrouded in ambiguity!
It is said that Archimedes was killed by a Roman Soldier.
This clear signals that the Designer of this theory had a Reason
to hate the Romans, and that he created this legend
for the political purposes of sustain the hate of the Romans.

Sure.It was Perfect for the Political Interests of the Papal State
that the Romans to be presented as killers, and that such legends
to remain in time...and, I did not finish with the Papal State !

Thus it appears the Suspicion that
to create an ARTIFICIAL PERSON, and to call him as "ARCHIMEDES".

And who may have been such "Ancient Entity" we have THE PROOF in
1st Time-Message
that you find on the paper I published on FACEBOOK.

Let' look to it:
"ARCHIMEDES - Syracuse + Geometrical Equilibrium = YAHWEH"

This " Ancient Entity" appears now to uncover as being

it signals to have been an Old Hebrews Enterprise
that through the Time-Messages we can read it, and reading it
we are ending up in realizing how falsified is the History of Civilization,
and how the Universities and Academies of Science are sustaining it..
Let's then now explain the page: THE DESIGN OF ARCHIMEDES !

1st Section
See left side up corner, just under the title.
See the Master Frequency ( MF) of the all 5 books of the Torah.
It is 103972.

2nd Section
It continues down with the MF of 115880,YHWH, and YAHWEH.

3rd Section
Just under the 2nd Section.
It is the Volume of 168,000 cubic cubits of

4th Section
Just under the 23rd Section.
Here you see the MF of: ARCHIMEDES, Syracuse, Phidias
( the father of Archimedes - note the MF of Archimedes Father
IT IS THE SAME (13456) as the MF of YHWH.

Then you see the MF of the 212 and 287 which you know that
are the years of Birth and Death of Archimedes.

5th Section
It is in Continuation of 4th Section.
Note that as Code Breaker I have put TOGHETER
the year of Birth with the year of Death of Archimedes
and I have reached a MF of 1936. You shall have it explained later.
Then you see the MF of the "75" which we know that " it is said" that
it were the years of life of Archimedes, and then we see the MF of
the Hexagon and its 96 ( sides of the Hexagon)

6th Section.
It is marked as: European Jewish Scholars Encrypted Code of PI Value"
"3 1/7 < PI < 3 10/71"

Then you see that I have realized I was in front of "two sets"
that were seen by me as: 31731071 and 31071317 whose MF it is 2116.

7th Section
This Section I shall not explain, but just see how it is RELATTED to
Archimedes. see the 3rd Time Message that shall be explained later.

8th Section
It is located in Top, just under title.
Note its Encrypted Code 76176

9th Section.
This Section it is made of the 8 Time-Messages
that I shall begin to explain now without typing them here..
1st Time-Message
It reads:
"ARCHIMEDES - Syracuse + Geometrical Equilibrium = YAHWEH"
Note this... "1st coincidence"...

The Geometrical Equilibrium ( as I mentioned few times)
it is a Draw of a Square of side 4 with an inscribed Circle.
In this Draw the Square Perimeter equals the Square Area as 16,
and the Circle's Circ. equals the Circle's Area as 4PI.
No other Draw ( smaller or bigger) of any size of a Square
with an inscribed Circle will have this Equilibrium.

2nd Time-Message
It reads:
: Decimal System = Swastika's Number"
Note this." 2nd Coincidence"...

3rd Time-Message
It reads:
"((ARCHIMEDES year of Death x the MF of Archimedes year of Death)-
- (ARCHIMEDES year of Birth x the MF of Archimedes year of Birth) -
- The MF of the Torah's 5 books - the Jerusalem "Defectors" Code )) :
: The Decimal System : Swastika's number = (the 210 grains of the Heavier
BEGA GOLD WEIGHT x The " English" Grain) - ( the 196 Grains of
the Lighter BEGA GOLD WEIGHT x the "English" Grain)
Note this."3rd Coincidence".

Note: The Research Data regarding THE BEGA GOLD WEIGHTS
was published by me on Mathforum in many articles. the last being:

4th Time- Message
It reads:
"(the MF of the word Hexagon - the 96 sides of it - the MF of the two sets
( of the limits of the PI value) x 3 ( of them Hexagon,96 and 2 sets) =
= The Solomon Temple interior Perimeter + the Swastika's Cube +
= the Mf of the Sumerian PI Value"
Note this ."4th Coincidence"...

5th Time-Message
It reads:
"( ARCHIMEDES year of Birth x ARCHIMEDES year of Death) +
+ the Roman Alphabet's Encrypted Code - ( the MF of the Two Sets -
- 2 ( sets) x the Decimal System = The Jerusalem's Defectors" Code"
Note also this " 5th Coincidence" .

6th Time-Message
It reads:
"The sum of all letters of the Roman Alphabet - all letters +
+ the Swastika's Cube = The MF of YHWH ( or of the Archimedes Father) +
+ (the MF of the MF of PI 3.141592654 - the MF of the PI 3.14626437)
And, again appears another " Coincidence".the 6th

7th Time-Message
It reads:
" (ARCHIMEDES - the MF of 31731971) : 2 ( the two sets) :
: the Decimal System - the 23 letters of the Roman Alphabet =
= (the MF of the PI 3.141592654 - the MF of the PI 3.14626437"

8th Time-Message
It reads:
" the MF of the word HEXAGON : the 96 sides of the "Archimedes Hexagon" :
: the MF of the Two Sets = the Volume of the Solomon Temple Block -
- the volume of the Solomon Temple ; 32 ( steps to "wisdom" of Cabala."

9th Time-Message
This Time-Message IT IS NOT PUBLISHED on my Facebook page.

And here is the Time-Message in Numbers:
" 6724 - 4608 = 2116"

Let's read it:
"The MF of the Cheops Pyramid's Slant - the MF of the Cheops Pyramid's
Pyramidon's Slant = The MF of the Two Sets"

- Cheops Pyramid's Slant = 186.3564115 units of One
- Cheops Pyramid's Pyramidon's Slant = 1.079084024 units of One, and
- the Two Sets are 31731071 and 31071317 explain in this article
as originating from my decoding from "3 1/7< PI < 3 10/71"
taking it in direct as 31731071, and then switching as 31071317.

And now I am announcing
of the two Slants of Cheops Pyramid and the Pyramidon.
You have them here in an Encrypted Form that shall be explained at later time.

Here is the synchronization of this Common Denominator
of Cheops Pyramid, and the Pyramidon with the MF of the Two Sets:

"(4356 : 2) - Sexagesimal System = 2116"
Based on the Research Data already published on Mathforum,
and from other Research Data ( not yet published), this author
has reached the Opinion of a Chain of Events that took place.

This Chain of Events appears to this philosopher as follows:

#1- In his writings Aristotle mentions that during the Carthage Era,
the sailors of the Carthage Fleet have reached an Unknown Land
where was so much gold that the Senate of Carthage forbidden them
to sail anymore there for the fear that they shall not return.

#2- During the 1st century BC the Old Hebrews align with the then
most powerful Military Power in the world THE ROMANS,
help Caesar financial, and also in his Campaigns in Egypt,
and so during the reign era of Caesar ( in 1st cent. BC) they reach
the Rome, became Financial Advisors of Caesar, and in turn Caesar
in Edict after Edict protect them, and their Religion in Judea.

Those Old Hebrews who have moved from Jerusalem to Rome
appears that infiltrated in the Roman Society as Bankers, Merchants,
Doctors, or Administrators.

It is this Infiltration that stood at the Base
of the appearance of the Early Christianity,
and the appearance of ...THE PAPAL SATE for that
it is the Old Hebrews who

Thus the Christianity it is of Old Hebrews Origin,
that in time it was saturated with religious Legend-after Legend
as to conveniently sustain the Religious theme.

#3- During the 1st century BC
it appears that the Old Hebrews Sages have reached
Teotihuacan either with the Carthage or Roman Fleets, and then
they were able to convince the Local Leaders to rise the Teotihuacan

#4- After the death of Caesar the Romans impose Taxes on the Judea,
and in Judea appears Protests again the Roman Taxation. These Protests
end up in the appearance of the Revolts against the Roman Garrisons from
This Revolts end in the Roman conquering Judea,
and the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

#5- After the destruction of Jerusalem the Old Hebrews are separating in
two classes:
First Class remain Religious following the teaching of Torah,
and a Second Class
(made mainly from the Elite of the Old Hebrews High Priests)
spreads into Europe, and in function of the Political Situation
change their names as to Survive.

#6 -In the passing of the time the First Class
remains locked in the religious teaching of the Torah, while
the Second Class - in what appears to have been a Secret Group - is able
to infiltrate the then Learning Centers, and from this Position
continues to keep alive the Body of Knowledge encrypted in the Torah.

#7- It is then that from this Second Class the Research Data
signals that originated THE DESIGN OF ARCHIMEDES.

This Design pinpoint that its Designers knew of the existence of
the present PI Value 3.141592654 to the exactitude of the 9th decimal,
and also the PI Value 3.146265437 ( of the Sumerians), also
to the Exactitude of the 9th Decimal.

This in turn proves that by this time the Learning Centers of Europe
knew of the Decimal Fractions, and invalidates the academies theory
that it was Fibonaci who carried the Decimal Fractions in Europe.

#8 -Based on the Research Data of this article this philosopher concludes
that THE DESIGN OF ARCHIMEDES was created sometime in 12th century AD
for the reason that the then Jews
still honored their ancestors Old Hebrews, and they wanted
to transmit in time that under the Religious Theme of the Torah
was encrypted the Body of Knowledge of their ancestors.

#9- The very fact that in time the Religious Jews appears that attempted
to eliminate the Old Hebrews Gods as such YHWH and YAHWEH,
signals that by then era in time there were Convulsions
between the Religious and Learned Jews.

Based on the Research Data reading, this philosopher senses that
the Secret Police of the Papal State found out of the existence of
this Body of Knowledge, and so it begun.THE INQUISITION ERA !

Note: Please, be aware that these
shall be continued in the next article.
The Research Continues.
Ion Vulcanescu - Philosopher
Independent Researcher in the History of Mathematics
Author, Editor, and Publisher of:

March 10 2014

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