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Classic Problems
Classic problems from the Ask Dr. Math FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) files, including: age word problems, birthday probability, boy or girl?, camel and bananas, coin problems, doubling pennies, grazing animals, liars and truthtellers, the missing dollar, Monty Hall (three doors), three houses three utilities, the Tower of Hanoi, two trains, two trains and a fly, and working together.

The Monty Hall Problem
Let's Make a Deal: If you're shown a goat behind the second of three doors, should you stay with your first choice or switch?


Items with keywords: Monty Hall - 7 items found, showing 1 to 7
Card Game Analogous to Monty Hall? [12/12/2000]
I think I have an analogy to the Monty Hall problem that proves that your chances are 1/2 if you switch, not 2/3...

Explaining Bayes' Theorem [03/22/1999]
I need an easy-to-understand explanation of Bayes' Theorem to begin my math project for the math fair.

Finding My Car Key on the Second Try [05/29/2000]
There are seven car keys in a box, including mine. I'm going to randomly remove one key at a time, and then try to start my car...

A Geometry and a Logic Problem [3/11/1995]
Problem 1: A cylindrical hole six inches long is drilled straight through the center of a solid sphere. What is the volume remaining in the sphere? Problem 2: The classical stay-switch problem.

Monty Hall Logic [03/09/2001]
Are there in fact four options? Aren't there three choice points, not just two?

Monty Hall Strikes Again [11/2/1994]
There are three cups, one of which is covering a coin. I know the whereabouts of the coin, but you don't. You pick a cup, and I take one of the remaining cups, one which DOESN'T contain a coin. Both you and I know the cup I pick doesn't contain a coin. You then have the option to swap your cup with the third, remaining cup, or keep your first choice. What is the probability of the coin being in the cup if you keep your first choice, or if you decide to swap them?

Twist on Monty Hall [03/31/2001]
You can open as many of the doors as you like, but you have to stay with the last door that you open...

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