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Adding Numbers in the 100s [7/31/1996]
How do you add 500 + 995?

Adding pets [11/18/1994]
I have three 2nd grade students in my Special Class Math group. Jacob has 2 hermit crabs. Mellisa has 2 bunnies, 2 dogs, 1 gerbil, 1 guinea pig, 5 parakeets, and 1 cat. Laura has 2 fish. (Now the tough part.) How many animals do they have all together?

Adding Six-digit Numbers [12/23/1996]
How do you find the answer to 100,234 + 678,123?

Adding Three Digit Numbers [11/2/1994]
A first-grader asks for suggestions for figuring out how to add 200 + 1000, and for adding things with seven (8+7, 7+9).

Associative, Distributive Properties [9/5/1996]
Please explain the associative and distributive properties.

Basic Real Number Properties [07/31/1997]
I need information about basic real number properties: associative, commutative, closure, identity, inverse, distributive.

Distributive Property, Illustrated [09/28/2001]
How can I show (12*2) + (12*3) using the distributive property?

Explaining Addition [01/25/1997]
What is the answer to 6 + 2?

Hitting the Ball [03/11/1997]
Katie hit the ball 742 times on Monday, 267 times on Tuesday, and 847 times on Wednesday. How many times did she hit the ball in three days?

Manipulating Positive and Negative Numbers [8/9/1996]
Could you explain the rules for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing positive and negative numbers?

Multiples of 9 Number Puzzle [03/23/2003]
If you take a two-digit number, add the digits, and subtract the sum from the original number, why is the answer always a multiple of 9?

Order Of Operations in Four Steps [02/15/1998]
I need help figuring out what operation to do first.

Plotting Coordinates on a Graph [07/02/1999]
How can I solve a problem like 3+(-2) = ? using a number line, and how can I plot coordinates like (-4,3) on an X-Y graph?

Properties of Real Numbers [05/20/1997]
What are the associative, the commutative, and the zero product properties?

Signs: Rules, Number Line [07/13/2001]
What is (-) - (+) = ? or (+) + (-) = ?

Sum of Odd Numbers 1-50? [10/10/2001]
What is the sum of the first 50 odd numbers?

Tips for Negative and Positive Numbers [11/30/2001]
I really get confused when adding a negative and a positive.

Tricks for Learning Addition [08/17/1998]
Shortcuts to avoid having to count too far on your fingers.

Using Parentheses [11/16/1998]
Can you explain how to use parentheses to tell the order of operations?

Working with Integers [01/12/1999]
Could you explain how to divide, multiply, add, and subtract integers?

1 + 1 [6/20/1996]
Does 1+1 make 2 or 11?

3rd Grade addition problem [11/16/1994]
What is 845+904?

Adding 1000 and 100 [11/23/1997]
I am really wondering how to add 1000 + 100...

Adding and Subtracting Integers [12/31/1997]
Adding and subtracting integers like 12 + (-4) = ...

Adding and Subtracting Integers [5/29/1996]
Could you please help me understand about adding and subtracting integers?

Adding and Subtracting Measurements [08/13/1998]
How do you add and subtract measurements like 4'7" + 2'10" and 11'6" - 2'8"?

Adding and Subtracting Negative Numbers [02/07/2002]
What is (-1) - 5 + -8 equal to?

Adding an Even and an Odd Number [03/26/2003]
Can you think of any two numbers, one even and the other odd, whose sum is even?

Adding big numbers [12/6/1994]
What is 9,000,000,000,664,556,666,134,852,855,288 + 8,456,789,135,799,545,743,122,546,676,565,467?

Adding Four 3-Digit Numbers [08/13/1998]
How do I add: 457 + 458 + 954 + 958?

Adding Fractions [05/21/2002]
How do you add fractions?

Adding Fractions [01/06/2003]
My problem is 3/4 + 1/6. The common denominator is 12 but it says to build up my numerator to 9/12 + 2/12 = 11/12. I don't understand how they get 9 and 2 for numerators.

Adding Fractions [01/13/2003]
2/25 + 2/15 equals what?

Adding Hours and Minutes [01/11/1997]
What time is it 2 hours and 55 minutes after 8:50 A.M.?

Adding Large Numbers on Calculators [6/27/1996]
What do you do when you want to add two big numbers, but they are too big to fit on the calculator screen?

Adding Left to Right [4/5/1996]
I need help understanding how to add from left to right rather than the right-to-left method my children have been learning in school.

Adding Left to Right [05/20/2003]
When I was in school, we were taught to add numbers from right to left. Now my daughter's teacher is teaching her to add left to right. How can I help her to understand both ways?

Adding Negatives [12/04/1997]
What is -2 - 7/10 ? Is it -1 3/10 or -2 7/10?

Adding Odd Numbers [02/22/2002]
Why do you get an even number when adding odd numbers?

Adding Positive and Negative Numbers [05/15/2002]
If I add a positive number and a negative number, will the result be positive, negative, or zero?

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