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Selected answers to common questions:
    About Roman numerals.

About Basic Geometry [10/14/1998]
Who developed basic geometry? What is it used for? Who uses it?

Adding and Subtracting Roman Numerals [10/07/1997]
Do you have any suggestions for how to teach adding and subtracting of Roman numerals?

African-American Mathematicians [11/07/1996]
I am trying to compile a list of African American mathematicians.

e and pi and How They Were Found [1/5/1995]
How did we come about finding e and pi?

Egyptian Method of Multiplication [6/26/1996]
Have you ever heard of an Egyptian Method of Multiplication?

Euclid [8/23/1996]
Who is considered the father of mathematics?

Facts about Pi [03/09/1997]
What are some interesting facts about pi?

First Day of the 21st Century [12/01/1999]
What is the true date of the first day of the 21st century? From what day are we counting 2000 years?

The Four-Color Map problem [11/11/1997]
What is the four-color map problem?

History of Numbers [09/04/1997]
My Algebra 2 teacher asked us to do a report on the history of numbers.

Influential Mathematicians in History [9/12/1996]
Is there any one really cool famous individual with a major influence on math who you could mention?

Lattice Multiplication [8/30/1996]
Can you please explain the lattice method of multiplication?

Math and Musical Scales [02/10/1997]
What is the space between half steps? Where did they come up with octaves and why did they choose eighth notes?

Mathematics of Ancient Greece [3/25/1996]
I am a 6th grader at Bonny Doon School in Santa Cruz, California currently working on a report on mathematics in ancient Greece...

Perfect Numbers [12/07/1996]
What are the first 10 perfect numbers? Is there a formula for getting a perfect number?

Perfect Numbers [10/17/1996]
Is there any way, other than by trial and error, to figure out what the perfect numbers are?

Place Value [11/16/1994]
What is place value? Where did it come from?

Roman Numerals [01/13/1997]
What does MCMLXXXVI mean?

Roman Numerals [06/05/1997]
Is there a general reference that deals with writing numbers in Roman numeral form?

Russian Peasant Method of Multiplication [10/07/1998]
I understand the 'Russian peasant' method of multiplication, but not why it works.

The Seven Bridges [8/28/1996]
What is the problem from the 1700s about a town with seven bridges, where you want to cross each bridge exactly once?

The Third Millennium [01/23/2000]
When does the Third Millennium begin? Are there any inherent predictions or unverifiable assumptions within math?

What is a slide rule? [07/27/1997]
What does a slide rule do and how does it work?

Why There are 12 Tones in a Scale [12/28/2000]
Why are there 12 tones in an octave? Can you explain the significance or the equation r^n = 2^m? Also, what's so special about a fifth? Why should the scale be based on the fraction 3/2?

Year 0 [10/19/1998]
How many years are there between 10 B.C. and 10 A.D.?

360 Degrees in a Circle [06/09/1998]
Why is a complete rotation around a circle equivalent to 360 degrees?

Abbreviations [12/1/1994]
How did we get lb. for pound?

Abraham Kaestner and Euclid's Fifth (Parallel) Postulate [12/02/1996]
Where can I find information on Abraham Kaestner?

Abraham Lincoln and the Rule of Three [04/13/2003]
In the biography of Abraham Lincoln he states that he learned to 'read, write, and cipher to the rule of 3.' Can you please explain the phrase 'cipher to the rule of 3'?

Abraham Lincoln and the Rules of Three, Double and Single [06/08/2013]
Doctor Wallace extends the kind of proportional thinking suggested by a student attempting a problem that Abraham Lincoln once solved. Doctor Peterson follows up by looking back into the kind of ciphering textbooks the Civil War President would have learned from, then solves the same interest rate problem with a formula more familiar to modern students.

Ada Byron Lovelace [11/13/1995]
We are looking for information on Ada Byron Lovelace.

Adding and Subtracting Roman Numerals [10/26/1999]
How can I add and subtract Roman Numerals without converting them to regular numbers? What did the Romans do to solve this kind of problem?

African Mathematics [10/24/2001]
Some references for studying the history of mathematics on the African continent.

Alabama legislature and pi [04/15/1998]
Did Alabama really vote that pi should have its biblical value of 3?

American vs. European Billion [07/30/2000]
Why are there differences between the American and the European systems for naming large numbers?

Amicable Numbers [11/12/1998]
What are amicable numbers? Can you give me examples? What's their history?

Ancient Math Symbols [09/07/1997]
I need to know the numerals for 1,10 100, 1000 in Arab, Samarian, Greek, Roman, and Hindu.

Archimedes' Method of Estimating Pi [5/29/1996]
What was Archimedes' method for estimating pi using inscribed and circumscribed polygons about a circle?

Babylonian Numbers [01/10/1997]
I know ancient Babylonian math is based on 60 but I need to find symbols used and names of the numbers.

Babylonian Numbers [11/17/1999]
Can you give me information on the Babylonian number system?

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