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Snub Cube [08/08/1998]
What is a snub cube?

The Spider and the Fly [12/23/1999]
A spider and a fly are on opposite walls of a rectangular room... Does the spider get the fly?

Surface Area and Volume: Cubes and Prisms [05/27/1998]
What is the definition of surface area and volume? What are the differences and similarities between surface area and volume?

Surface Area Block Problem [08/05/1997]
How much foil is needed to wrap all the slabs of cheese cut from the large block?

Surface Area of a Cube [03/10/1997]
What is the surface area of a cube with sides of length 2? What if the length of each side is doubled or tripled?

Surface Area of a Pyramid [09/01/1997]
I would just like to know how to get the surface area of a pyramid.

Surface Area of a Rectangular Solid [09/21/1999]
Can you find the surface area of a cube or other 3D rectangular object by calculating the area of the sides you can see and multiplying by 2?

Surface Area of Blocks Glued Together [09/09/2001]
Three cubes whose edges are 2, 6, and 8 centimeters long are glued together at their faces. Compute the minimum surface area possible for the resulting figure.

Truncating [01/19/2002]
What does truncating mean?

Truncating Platonic Solids [08/04/1998]
What effect does truncation have on Platonic solids? What are some historical and current applications?

Types of Pyramids [06/08/1999]
What are the types of pyramids and what do they look like?

Vertices and Edges of Polyhedra [04/24/2002]
I know the equation V+F-E = 2. Can you help me find the number of vertices and edges for heptahedra, nonahedra, and decahedra?

Volume of a Frustum of a Pyramid [06/03/2002]
How can I derive the formula for the volume of a frustum of a pyramid?

Volume of a Pyramid [05/29/2002]
Why does the formula for the volume of pyramid have a 1/3 in it?

What is a Cuboctahedron? [01/02/2001]
What is a cuboctahedron?

Why So Many Shapes? [05/07/2001]
I just want to know why there are so many shapes in the world.

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