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Selected answers to common questions:
    Graphs: bar graph, histogram, pictogram.
    Mean, median, mode, range.
    Statistics glossaries.
    Weighted averages.

Frequency Table [09/17/2002]
How do I make a frequency table using temperatures and days of the week?

Frequency Table [10/13/2003]
What is a frequency table, and how do I make one?

Hairs on a Head [12/10/2002]
How many hairs are on your head?

Histogram [04/16/2001]
What is a histogram? What makes a histogram good?

How Do You Make a Circle Graph or Pie Chart? [12/16/2003]
I have some data on the weight of various parts of the human body. How do I turn that into a circle graph showing what percent of the total weight each part is?

How to Average [9/12/1996]
What is the average mass of 11.935g, 11.936g, 11.937g, and 11.938g?

Ice Skating Scoring [01/27/2001]
Why does the U.S. Figure Skating Championship use only five scores out of the seven given by judges?

Is There a Mode when All Data Points Occur Equally? [05/02/2007]
If you have a set of data such as {2, 15, 20, 39, 56, 67} is there a mode, and if so, what would it be?

Mean Less Than Median [08/17/2003]
Can you draw any valid conclusions about a set of data in which the mean is less than the median?

Mean, Median, and Mode [07/15/1998]
Can you explain the three ways to represent a group - mean, median, and mode? I am having trouble understanding the mode.

Mean, Median, and Mode in Real Life [12/21/1996]
What are some real life examples involving mean, median, and mode?

Mean, Median, Mode: Find Five Numbers [05/10/2001]
The median of five numbers is 15. The mode is 6. The mean is 12. What are the five numbers?

Mean or Median? [11/02/2003]
How do you decide whether to use the mean or the median to describe a set of data? Why would one be higher or lower than the other?

Median and Middle [5/15/1996]
I would like to know how to find the median of two of the same numbers (2 and 2).

Median: Average of Two Points [8/24/1996]
What is the median in an even list of numbers?

Median of Six Values [03/21/2001]
Find the median of 8,18,26,4,4,5.

Median, Quartiles [1/09/1998]
Find the median and upper and lower quartiles: 22,18,9,26,14,15,6,19,28.

Median: the Middle Term [9/14/1996]
What is the median?

M&M's and Percentages of their Colors [12/15/1995]
I have a question about M&M's: I have the old statistics about what percent of what color were made and am looking for the new stats with the new color blue.

Mode, Mean, and Median in Stemplots [02/21/2002]
How do I find a mode, mean, and median, using a stem/leaf plot?

Mode, Median, and Mean [08/23/1997]
Find a set of five data values with modes 0 and 2, median 2, and mean 2.

Mode of a Uniform Distribution [09/06/2000]
What is the mode of a set of numbers, if none of the numbers repeat themselves? What about a set like {1,1,2,2,3,3}?

More Than One Mode? [10/07/2002]
Can a data set have more than one mode?

Normal Distribution Curve [11/13/2000]
What is the normal distribution curve?

One Chicken, One Day [04/19/2002]
If a chicken and a half lays an egg and a half in a day and a half, how many eggs can one chicken lay in one day?

Pareto and Bar Charts [3/12/1997]
What are three distinguishing differences between Pareto Charts and Bar Charts?

Percentage Error [10/24/2002]
Please help me find the percentage error for the following numbers: 5.7 estimated findings, 5.8 actual findings.

Range, Mean, Median, and Mode [11/17/1998]
Why do we study range, mean, median, and mode? How will these concepts help me in real life?

Regression Method [11/18/1997]
What is the regression method?

Remember the Mean -- and the Median, and the Mode, and the Range, and the Outlier [04/12/2010]
Facing a big test, a student needs to quickly memorize the meanings of the terms mean, median, mode, range, and outlier. Doctor Peterson obliges with definitions and tips based on the connotations and associations of everyday language.

Stem and Leaf Plots [2/3/1996]
Use the stem-and-leaf plot of the recent art project scores to find the mean score.

Stock Market Web Project [09/15/1997]
We are doing a pretend project on the stock market where we have $100 and have to invest in a stock. Do you have any tips or a good math activity for 6th grade students?

Subtleties of Rounding [09/24/2003]
There are 480 freshmen at Washington High. If 36% of the freshmen play sports, how many play sports? Is it 172 or 173?

Sum of Integers Not an Integer [02/20/2003]
I need to pick a set of 9 integers with a mean of 3.5.

Taking a Weighted Average [03/20/2003]
I can't figure out the best way to get the average operating hours for the truck fleet.

Teaching the Concept of "Average" [03/30/1997]
How do I explain what an "average" is?

Teaching the Concept of Average [06/20/2003]
How can I use blocks to teach averages to students?

Total Points from Average Points [03/12/2001]
Mandela's basketball team played six games, with an average or mean of 50 points. How many points did they score?

Types of Correlation [06/25/2002]
Can you explain positive, negative, strong, and weak correlation?

Using Mean, Mode, and Range [11/23/2002]
Examples of real-life uses of mean, mode, and range.

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