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What is a Derivative? - a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

A Brief Overview of Calculus
I am required to take a calculus course, but I have no experience with it. What should I concentrate on?

What is a derivative?

Meaning of Derivative
What's a plain English meaning of the derivative?

An Introduction to Derivatives
I need to find out about third derivatives for a project. Can you give me some information, including uses, of derivatives?

What is a Derivative?
What is the concise definition of a derivative? How do we use derivatives?

What is the Purpose of Determining a Derivative?
What is the purpose of the derivative?

Derivative of an Odd Function
How do you show that the derivative of an odd function is even?

Alternate Forms of the Derivative Formula
Why does f'(a) = limit as x approaches a of [f(x)-f(a)]/(x-a), and how do you use this formula to find the derivative? I get confused about when to plug in x for a or a for x.

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