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Dividing Fractions

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How to Divide Fractions, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

How do we divide fractions? Why do we invert and multiply?

Dividing Fractions - Dr. Math FAQ
How do you divide fractions? Say, 2/3 divided by 3/4.

From the archives:

Dividing Fractions
How do you divide fractions?

Dividing a Fraction by a Fraction
Can you help students visualize a problem such as: 1/3 / 1/2 = 2/3 ?

Dividing by a Fraction
Why is it that when you divide by a fraction, your answer is larger?

Fraction Multiplication and Division
How do you do calculations like 2 1/10 * 7 5/8 or 27/30 over 75/100?

Fraction Division Diagrams
Diagram: 1 divided by 1 1/2.

Why do we invert and multiply?

(9/2)/(3/4): A Picture
We were trying to find a division fraction question and everything we came up with turned into a multiplication fraction problem.

Dividing Fractions: Why Invert?
Why do we have to invert the fraction in dividing fractions?

Explaining Division of Fractions
Can you give a practical explanation of why the 'invert-and-multiply' rule for division of fractions works?

Dividing by a Fraction
Why is it when dividing fractions you have to multiply by a reciprocal?

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