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Googol, Googolplex

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Googol and Googolplex, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

Large Numbers and Infinity - Dr. Math FAQ
What's the largest number? What's a googol? How do we name large numbers? What is infinity?

Googol, Kasner, and Milton Sirotta
Who coined the phrase "googleplex," and when?

What is a googol?
How big is a googol?

How Big is a Googol?
Is there any way to hold a googol in your hands?

How Big is a Googolplex?
Is there anything on Earth that is as big as a googolplex?

How Many Zeros in a Googolplex?
We understand what a googol is, but how many zeros are there in a googolplex?

More 0's in a Googolplex than Atoms on Earth?
Is it true that there are more zeros in a googolplex than there are atoms in the earth?

Googolplex: Sheets of Paper
Can you tell me how many sheets of paper it will take to make a googolplex if you can have 20,000 zeros on each page?

Names for Big Numbers
We are wondering about the names for large numbers whose names end in "illion."

Googol Factorial
What is googol factorial?

What is i^(Googol)?
What is the value of i raised to the googol power?

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