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Latitude and Longitude, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

Coordinate Systems, Longitude, Latitude
Can you explain pitch, roll, and yaw to me? Are there other systems for measuring an object's position in space?

Maximum Difference, Longitude and Latitude
Find the maximum longitude and latitude difference between two points on Earth 1000 kilometers apart.

Latitude and Longitude of a Point Halfway between Two Points
I would like to know how to determine the latitude and longitude of a point halfway between New York and Los Angeles.

Finding Points on the Earth
Find the point that has latitude and longitude five miles north of a given point, and the other three points to the south, east, and west.

Deriving the Haversine Formula
I need to write a program module to calculate distances given longitude and latitude data, trying to find an object within a mile's radius of its location.

Longitude and Latitude to Determine Distance
Using longitude and latitude to determine distance in rectangular coordinates.

Distance Between Two Points on the Earth
My latitude and longitude are in the form 40.266934, -74.204930 respectively, with negatives for South and West. How do I calculate the distance between them?

Distance Calculation
If I have the co-ordinates of two places in Degrees Latitude and Longitude, how do I calculate the distance in nautical miles?

Determining Distance between Two Cities
I need an equation to use in an application for a car dealership.

Using Longitude and Latitude to Determine Distance
I've been looking for the equation for finding the distance between two cities, given their latitudes and longitudes.

Distance using Latitude and Longitude
Is there a simple formula for calculating distance using known latitude and longitude?

How Far Do the Birds Fly?
How to calculate the survey distance a racing pigeon flies from point A to point B, where A is the release point and B is the home loft of a returning bird?

Latitude and Longitude, GPS Conversion
What is the equation to convert latitude/longitude/altitude (LLA) data into earth-centered/earth-fixed (ECEF) data?

Walking Around the World
Given a starting point on the earth and a direction, if a man travels a certain distance in a straight line, where will he end up and in which direction will he be facing?

Bearing Between Two Points
Is there an easy way to calculate the "heading" (relative to North=0) between two coordinates?

Finding Distance Using the Earth's Grid System
How do I find the shortest distance between two points on the earth using degrees of latitude and longitude?

Bearing Calculation
Given two cities at geographic coordinates (xA,yA) and (xB,yB), is there a formula to calculate the bearing from city A to city B?

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