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Mean, Median, Mode, Range

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Mean, Median, Mode, Range, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

Mean, Median, Mode, Range
What are the definitions of mean, median, mode, and range?

Finding Mean, Median, Mode
Can you show me how to find the mean, median, mode, and range of a set of scores?

More Than One Mode?
Can a data set have more than one mode?

Mean, Median, and Mode
Can you explain the three ways to represent a group - mean, median, and mode? I am having trouble understanding the mode.

Mode, Median, and Mean
Find a set of five data values with modes 0 and 2, median 2, and mean 2.

Mean, Median, Mode: Find Five Numbers
The median of five numbers is 15. The mode is 6. The mean is 12. What are the five numbers?

Definitions: Average, Mean, Mode
Arithmetic, geometric, harmonic means defined.

Range - Difference or Difference + 1?
Is range the same as 'difference' or not?

Arithmetic vs. Geometric Mean
When is it appropriate to use the arithmetic mean, and when the geometric mean?


What is a Median?
A definition of median, and four examples of calculating medians.

Median: the Middle Term
What is the median?

Median: Average of Two Points
What is the median in an even list of numbers?

Median of Six Values
Find the median of 8,18,26,4,4,5.

Median and Middle
I would like to know how to find the median of two of the same numbers (2 and 2).

In Real Life...

Using Mean, Mode, and Range
Examples of real-life uses of mean, mode, and range.

Range, Mean, Median, and Mode
Why do we study range, mean, median, and mode? How will these concepts help me in real life?

What Does Average Mean?
What is the average rainfall in New York? I understand the formula needed to find the average, but what is the meaning of average?

Teaching the Concept of Average
How can I use blocks to teach averages to students?

Which is the Best Description?
Which best describes the number of times "Popular Song" was played on the radio per day: the range, the median, the mode, or the mean?

Mean, Median, and Mode in Real Life
What are some real life examples involving mean, median, and mode?

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