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Order of Operations

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Order of Operations, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

Order of Operations - Dr. Math FAQ
What is the correct order of operations? Why use it? What is PEMDAS?

Order Of Operations in Four Steps
I need help figuring out what operation to do first.

Order of Operations and Fractions
Given a+3 and b+5, is 105 / ab 7 or 175?

Order of Operations: Negative Sign, Parenthesis
How do I explain why (-2)^2 = 4 and -2^2 = -4?

Factorials and Order of Operations
Where do factorials go in the order of operations?

Using Parentheses
Can you explain how to use parentheses to tell the order of operations?

Explaining Order of Operations
How would you explain the order of operations to a 5th or 6th grader who has not yet studied the subject?

History of the Order of Operations
Can you give me some facts and conjectures about when, where, and why the order of operations was established?

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