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Roman Numerals

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Roman Numerals, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

Roman Numerals - Dr. Math FAQ
How to read and write Roman numerals, Roman numeral fractions, arithmetic problems, and resources for other numeral systems.

Adding and Subtracting Roman Numerals
Do you have any suggestions for how to teach adding and subtracting of Roman numerals?

Roman Numerals
What does MCMLXXXVI mean?

Roman Numerals
Is there a general reference that deals with writing numbers in Roman numeral form?

Subtracting Numerals
What are the rules for the "subtraction components" in writing Roman numerals?

Decimals and Roman Numerals
Is there any notation for fractions in Roman numerals?

Memory Aid for Roman Numerals
What number is XLIII? Do you have a way of remembering what letter equals what number?

Place Value and Roman Numerals
What is the importance of place value in relation to the value of a number?

Is K a Roman numeral?
A car ad shows 40K miles. Is this equal to a thousand?

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