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Significant Figures/Digits

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Significant Figures, Significant Digits, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

Significant Digits
What are significant digits?

Significant Digits and Zero
When are zeros significant and when are they not significant?

Significant Figures
Why does 62.3 * 5.7 = 360 and not 355?

Rules for Significant Figures and Decimal Places
Accurate measurement: What are significant digits? When do we use them? Why?

Rounding to Specific Number of Significant Figures
How do I round to five significant figures?

Significant Digits in Measurement
I understand that there are rules to determine the significant digits in measurement, but aren't all digits significant, especially zeros for place value?

How Many Significant Digits?
Why does 5030 have three significant digits and 5030. four?

What is a Significant Digit?
I came across a question asking for an answer with no more than "2 significant digits" - can you please explain what a significant digit is?

Calculations Involving Significant Figures
My physics class is having a fair amount of trouble with significant digits.

Rounding 389.512 to Three Significant Digits
On the one hand, 390 is the closest multiple of 10 to 389.512; on the other hand, it is the closest whole number to 389.512.

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