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Slope, Slope-Intercept, Standard Form

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Slope, Slope-Intercept, Standard Form, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

For an introduction to The Coordinate Plane and Lines and Slope, see Ursula Whitcher's units on Chameleon Graphing at the Math Forum site.


What is Slope?
What is a slope, and if given a slope = n equation, how do you apply that slope number to another graph problem?

Slope Angle
What units do we use to refer to slope?

Determining Slope
How do I find the slope of a line given the coordinates of two points?

Drawing a Line, Given the Slope and One Point
How do I draw a line on a graph when I know the slope and the location of only one point on the line?

Graphing Coordinates
How can you tell if you have a straight line just by looking at the numbers?

Slope of Lines
What is the slope of the line y = -px + 5 if the line goes through (0,-3)? Why does the y-axis have an infinite slope, and the x-axis have a slope of 0?

Slopes of Perpendicular Lines
Why are the slopes of perpendicular lines negative reciprocals?


Equation in Slope Intercept or Point Slope Form
Find an equation of the line with slope -4/3 and y-intercept 3. Leave the equation in slope intercept form....

Write in Slope-Intercept Form
Write and sketch x - y + 2 = 0.

Equation of a Line Parallel to an Axis
How can I get the equation of a line if the line passes through a point and is parallel to the x- or y-axis?

Finding the Equation of a Line
Given either a point and a slope or two points, how do you find the equation of a line in both point-slope and standard form?

How to Draw Linear Equations
How would I draw the line y = (2/3)x + 5?

Graphing Linear Equations
How do I find the points on the line so that I can find the slope and the y-intercept?

Equation of a Line in Point-Slope, Slope-Intercept, General Form
What is the equation of the line that contains the point (4, -4) and is perpendicular to the line defined by 2x-5y+3 = 0?

Equation of a Line
How do I find the equation of a line through the origin perpendicular to 2x + 3y = 5?

Changing Equations To Slope-Intercept Form
Can you explain how to change equations into slope-intercept form? For example, 12(2x-1) - 5(3y+2) = 8?

When is a Slope 0 or Undefined?
How do I know when the slope of an equation is zero or undefined (no slope)?

Undefined Slope and Zero Slope
What is the difference between an undefined slope and a slope of zero?

Finding y-intercepts
I'm having a problem with finding and graphing y-intercepts of linear equations.

Equations of a Line given Two Points
How do you find the equation of a line going through two points if you only know the two points?

Slope-Intercept Formula
Why does y = mx + b have to be that way?

Graphing y = mx + b
After you get 3 x+ 2y = 5 into y = mx + b form, how do you graph it?

Graphing Intercepts
How would I find the intercept for a problem such as 3x-2y = 12?

Standard Form of a Line
What is standard form? What does Ax+by = c mean and what do the letters stand for?

Linear Equations and Standard Form
What do the variables mean in the standard form of a linear equation (ax+by=c)?

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