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Fibonacci Sequence and Grapefruit

Date: 12/6/95 at 18:12:54
From: Roger W. Hevessy
Subject: Fibonacci Sequence and sliced grapefruit

Dear Dr., can you explain how the Fibonacci recursive sequence 
can be related or used to explain the appearance of the sections of a
grapefruit sliced in half?

Thanks, Kelley Hevessy

Date: 6/10/96 at 22:0:18
From: Doctor Leigh
Subject: Re: Fibonacci Sequence and sliced grapefruit

Dear Kelley,

The numbers from the Fibonacci recursive sequence can be found in many 
areas of nature, including grapefruits.  When the grapefruit is halved 
count the number of divisions inside, you should end up with a number 
from Fibonacci.  Other things with Fibonacci numbers include the sides 
of a banana, counting around a pineapple (starting at the bottom and 
following the divisions in a spiral up to the top), as well as counting 
the number of sections in each circle of an artichoke.  

Thanks for your question!  I hope this has answered it.

-Doctor Leigh Ann,  The Math Forum

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