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Taxicab Geometry

Date: 1/11/96 at 16:20:4
From: Rick Cazzato
Subject: Taxi-cab geometry

I am looking for information on line about taxicab geometry.  Have you 
ever come across any?  In addition, could you suggest some good 
references in a college library?  We are trying to prepare out students 
for the ICTM oral contest on taxicab geometry.

Rick Cazzato

Date: 1/12/96 at 1:41:32
From: Doctor Sarah
Subject: Re: Taxi-cab geometry

Hi Rick -

There's a discussion about taxicab geometry archived by the Geometry 
Forum at 


 - you'll find people there to whom you could write for more 
information, or you could mail to the newsgroup.

Here are a couple of references:

Krause, Eugene F.  Taxicab Geometry - An Adventure in Non-Euclidean 
Stillman, G.A. (1992). Taxicab geometry: the urban alternative. Teaching 
Mathematics, 17(2), 13-16.

Hope this helps -

-Doctor Sarah,  The Geometry Forum

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