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School Fair Projects

Date: 3/11/96 at 19:8:38
From: Rocky W Blackmore   fishing guide
Subject: Fair projects

My school district is having a fair (student talent on
parade) and I want to do a project using math.  Do you have any
ideas for me?  I have some, but none which interest me.  I'm in
grade 8 but would like something a little more advanced.

Thanks for your time,

Christy J. Blackmore 

Date: 3/11/96 at 19:31:12
From: Doctor Sarah
Subject: Re: Fair projects

Hi there -

You might get some ideas of things to draw or build by looking on the Web at   

These pages by Jan Garner have suggestions for perspective 
drawing, making a moebius strip and what to do with it once you've 
made it, building polyhedra, spreadsheets, etc.  If you answer the 
questions she asks and build the models she shows you how to make, 
and you take what you've built to the fair and ask other people 
the questions (put them on tagboard or something) - like what do 
they think will be the result if they cut a moebius strip as she 
suggests - you could have quite a nice exhibit.  

If you have HyperCard on your computer you might also want to look 

- a tutorial on making tessellations (and what they are).

Both of these projects have tie-ins with M.C. Escher.  Do you know 
his work?

Have fun with your project!

-Doctor Sarah,  The Math Forum

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