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Box-Jenkins Methodology

Date: 05/13/97 at 14:12:20
From: Carlitos
Subject: Box-Jenkins Methodology

Can you give information about Box-Jenkins methodology? Where and when 
was it developed? Who developed it? Do you have any examples of how it 
is used?

I appreciate your help,

Date: 05/13/97 at 22:03:44
From: Doctor Jodi
Subject: Re: Box-Jenkins Methodology


For questions like this one, you'll usually want to try a good 
searcher, like    

or (for math stuff),   

Here are some URLs I found: 

What is it?   

Where and by whom was it developed?   

(From the above site):

The Box-Jenkins (Box and Jenkins, 1976) methodology for the analysis 
and forecasting of time series is widely regarded to be the most 
efficient forecasting technique, and is used extensively - specially 
for univariate time series. The three step strategy of identification, 
estimation and diagnostic checking, requires the person in charge of 
producing forecasts to have experience and knowledge. When the number 
of series to forecast is large (like in the case of a bank, an airline 
or a power utility) the task to model "by hand" becomes practically 
impossible. The fact that some simple techniques (like exponential 
smoothing) are still being used along with limited extensions of
intervention analysis and transfer function, is basically the 
consequence of the operational difficulty of applying the methodology 
of Box and Jenkins. 

I hope this helps. You can find more information using the URLs 

-Doctor Jodi,  The Math Forum
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