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What if Pi were a Repeating Number?

Date: 2/5/96 at 21:34:10
From: Anonymous
Subject: Significance of PI

I realize that Pi is a transcendental number. Would it be a big deal 
if Pi were eventually to be found a repeating number? If so, why? 

Would it change the way we compute circles, etc.?


Date: 3/28/96 at 17:59:35
From: Doctor Jodi
Subject: Re: Significance of PI

Hi Mark! Personally, I think that it would be QUITE significant if Pi 
were found to be repeating, since someone did a mathematical proof that 
Pi is transcendental.  It would lead me to question mathematical proof 
and the very existence of transcendental numbers.  (But I guess these 
things wouldn't bother everyone.)

As for changing the way we compute circles, no, not unless you're using 
more than 2 billion decimal places (~how many have been calculated 

One thing I've been thinking about recently: 

How is it possible for a series of numbers to have NO pattern to them?

It boggles my mind!

I'm particularly curious about what would happen if we secretly replaced 
the normal brand of cryptographers' work with some digits from pi... it
could be more exciting than the behind-the-scenes Folgers Crystals ads!

-Doctor Jodi,  The Math Forum

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