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4th Grade Estimation Problems

Date: 10/3/96 at 14:8:35
From: Anonymous
Subject: Definition of terms

What type of problem exemplifies "use order of magnitude in 
estimation" and "use compensation in estimation" at the fourth grade 
level of mathematics?

These are two objectives on a test given to 4th grade students and 
sample problems for teachers to use must be constructed for practice.

Can you give me a better definition or example? I have not found 
anyone who can answer my question - not even the people who wrote the 
specifications for the math test!  Your help would be appreciated.

Georgia R.

Date: 10/3/96 at 13:10:8
From: Doctor Leigh
Subject: Re: Definition of terms

"Use order of magnitude in estimation" refers to having students 
decide, for example, if a picture of the start of the New York 
City Marathon contains either hundreds or thousands of people...
Making the distinction between groupings of different magnitudes 
of the powers of 10.

"Use of compensation in estimation" refers to students being able to 
recognize that squares will fit soundly together while other shapes 
will not.  Also if you are estimating, say the number of items in a 
jar, and there are different shape items, the student should recognize 
that they will have to compensate for that.

-Doctor Leigh Ann,  The Math Forum
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Date: 10/3/96 at 14:10:47
From: Anonymous
Subject: Re: Definition of terms

Thanks so much.  You have been a big help but I still cannot 
understand how a problem might be written that would test that 
type of skill.  

Date: 10/4/96 at 7:29:39
From: Doctor Leigh
Subject: Re: Definition of terms

I have seen examples where a picture is included that contains a large 
number of objects contained within it.  The student is then supposed 
to estimate whether or not there are 10s, 100s or thousands within the 

Research estimation at all levels and you should be able to find it.

-Doctor Leigh Ann,  The Math Forum
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Date: 10/4/96 at 18:48:26
From: Anonymous
Subject: Re: definition of terms

Thanks, you've been a great help.  I have been successful in my 
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