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Jack & Jill Mind Teaser

Date: 8/29/95 at 21:30:15
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 1995 18:31:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jeanne Staley
Subject: ?math story problem

Dr. Math,
If Jack has a 5 gal. bucket and Jill has 3 gal. bucket, and they each 
carried an equal amount to fill an 8 gal. bucket.  How was this accomplished?

Jeanne Staley  Librarian
West Valley Junior High School
Yakima, WA 

Date: 8/30/95 at 11:43:22
From: Doctor Ethan
Subject: Re: ?math story problem

		Well it seems that this is more on the order of a mind teaser 
than a math problem. If there is a better answer that we should be looking for 
we will try, but for now here is what we have.  

	1.(This is my favorite. It's not my idea) They could each carry four 
gallon blocks of ice.
	2. They could take two trips each of two gallons.

        3. They could get a five foot pole. Place the five gallon bucket 
full of water one foot in from one end and the the three gallon bucket at the 
other end. Then if they both carry from an end they will carry the same amount.
I suppose there are more but these are the ones we thought of so far.

-Doctor Ethan,  The Geometry Forum
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