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  1. The Ada Project (TAP) - Carol Frieze and Women@SCS; Carnegie Mellon University
    Tapping Internet Resources for Women in Computer Science, this site serves as a clearinghouse for information and resources relating to women in computing: conferences, projects, discussion groups and organizations, fellowships and grants, notable women in Computer Science, and other electronically accessible information sites. TAP also maintains a bibliography of references. more>>

  2. Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)
    Founded in 1971, this organization publishes a substantial and broadly informative newsletter (information: awm@math.umd.edu). Its programs and awards include Travel Grants for Women, the Noether Lecture Series, Workshops for Women Graduate Students and Postdoctorals, the Alice T. Schafer Mathematics Prize, the Louise Hay Award, the annual Joint Mathematics Meetings and the annual SIAM Meeting, the Sonia Kovalesky high school mathematics days, and information on conferences organized by AWM. The site includes expanded versions of some newsletter articles, on-line forums on various topics, information about all AWM activities, and links to other sites concerning women and mathematics. AWM sponsors an annual essay contest for biographies of contemporary women mathematicians and statisticians in academic, industrial, and government careers (see the contest page for past years' results). more>>

  3. Biographies of Women Mathematicians - Agnes Scott College
    Biographies in alphabetical and chronological order, and related resources on the Web. An ongoing project by students in math classes at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, Georgia, to illustrate the numerous contributions by women to the field of mathematics. Included are the first Ph.D's in mathematics awarded to women (before 1930); and prizes, awards, and honors for women mathematicians. more>>

  4. danicamckellar.com - Danica McKellar
    From the author of the books for middle school girls, Math Doesn't Suck: How to Survive Middle School Math without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail, Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-Algebra Who's Boss, and Girls Get Curves. Read about McKellar's voice-over for the math-themed PBS cartoon Cyberchase, and watch clips of the WB's cartoon series Static Shock, for which she speaks the part of character Frieda Goren. Request and read math tutoring from the woman who, as a child, acted the role of Winnie Cooper in the television sitcom The Wonder Years, and who today serves as spokesperson for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Math-a-Thon and Figure This! Download a PDF of "Percolation and Gibbs states multiplicity for ferromagnetic Ashkin–Teller models on Z2," the research she co-authored as an undergraduate math major at UCLA. See press about her testimony before Congress and other math and education advocacy work. more>>

  5. Gender, Diversities, and Technology Institute - Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)
    The Gender, Diversities & Technology Institute focuses on developing gender-healthy education and schools; technology and gender; the elimination of all forms of gendered violence; improving economic self-sufficiency for both women and men; and developing a deeper understanding of the multiple ways to define femininity and masculinity. Learn about projects and products, and read the Institute's papers and articles on technology, education reform, and other areas of their work. Professional development includes online courses entitled Engaging Girls in Math and Science, Raising and Educating Boys, and Infusing Equity into Practice. more>>

  6. Gender Equity for Mathematics and Science - Woodrow Wilson Leadership Program for Teachers
    A comprehensive 1993 conference report on current research, participant notes on research presentations made by invited faculty (Elizabeth Fennema, Joan Countryman, Sheila Tobias, Judith Jacobs, Karen Michalowicz, Geri Anderson-Nielsen, and Maxine Greene), and commentary from several conference participants; activities - ways to use the research material either in the classroom, with other teachers, or with parents and community members; helpful resources. The material is the result of two weeks' collaboration between knowledgeable teachers and some of the country's best researchers on gender equity. more>>

  7. Girls' Attitudes, Self-Expectations, and Performance in Math - Michelle Maraffi; Math Forum
    For those concerned about girls' negative attitudes and expectations in the study of mathematics who want to improve and increase girls' performance and learning in math: an annotated bibliography of articles and studies designed to give teachers and parents insight into the ways in which they can improve girls' attitudes and performance in math. (See also a short bibliography containing books on this subject from the Math Forum's Ask Dr. Math archives: Increasing Women's Participation in Math.) more>>

  8. GirlTECH - Cynthia Lanius; Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC)
    GirlTECH was a teacher training and student council program that encouraged young women to pursue careers in mathematics and science, offering intensive technology training to explore innovative teaching strategies for gender equity in the classroom through a training period at The Rice School and Rice University in Houston, Texas. GirlTECH lesson plans were designed by participating teachers to take full advantage of Internet resources and teach standard concepts in mathematics and sciences in new and exciting ways. The site includes lessons and Internet projects from 1995-2006. more>>

  9. Women and Mathematics Network (WAM) - Committee for the Participation of Women, Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
    A consortium of Program Directors of outreach programs in mathematics for women and girls, providing professional development opportunities for program directors; forums for sharing ideas and expertise; workshops and forums for prospective directors of such programs. The site offers information on events of interest and links to Web resources (books, careers, gender equity, grant activity and opportunities, K-12 resources, sister organizations, mathematics history, women mathematicians, etc.). more>>

  10. Women in Math Project - Marie Vitulli; Department of Mathematics, University of Oregon
    Information on all aspects of women and math, including bibliographies of publications (with a search engine), an extensive collection of biographies, links to associations, job, grant, and scholarship opportunities, conferences, workshops and programs, statistical data, and miscellaneous annotated links to other sites. more>>

  11. Women's Adventures in Science - National Academy of Sciences
    This project of the National Academy of Sciences showcases contemporary women in science, and highlights for young people the varied careers of some of today's most prominent scientists. The site draws from and accompanies Women's Adventures in Science, a ten-volume series of biographies written for middle-school-aged students. Each of the ten scientists -- forensic anthropologist Diane France, wildlife biologist Amy Vedder, planetary astronomer Heidi Hammel, physicist Shirley Ann Jackson, climate scientist Inez Fung, planetary geologist Adriana Ocampo, robot designer Cynthia Breazeal, sociologist Marta Tienda, neuropsychologist Nancy Wexler, and biomechanist Mimi Koehl -- participated in her respective book's creation by sharing details about her life; providing personal photographs to help illustrate the story; making family, friends, and colleagues available for interviews; and explaining her scientific specialty. The site includes a guide for parents and teachers; science labs titled Moon Gazing, Planetary Roll Call, Family Gene Tree, Casting for Clues (forensics), Off to the Races ("how can I make a car go faster?"), Pet Detective, Story by Numbers (sociology), Cookie Quarry, Life in a Bottle ("how does a greenhouse work?"), and Stretch-O-Meter (biomechanics), each with its own journalling activity; games called Gorilla Quest, AstroScope, and Make a Robot; the interactive comic book Creating Kismet the Robot; seven video clips showing Cynthia Breazeal and Kismet in action; and an interactive "time travel timeline" profiling female scientists of the past and present. Requires JavaScript and Flash. more>>