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  1. LSC-Net - TERC, Inc.
    Best practices, issues, and resources for the National Science Foundation's 72 Local Systemic Change (LSC) Projects across the country. Each of these projects provides teacher professional development and curriculum innovation in the areas of math and/or science at a district-wide level. Open to PIs, co-PIs, evaluators, and other grant project staff, the site also offers guests access to conference information, Who's Who (the LSC database), sharing information (practical tips about what works or does not work in LSC projects), discussions, and program notes. Reports from the field feature technology initiatives, summer workshop agendas, and case studies, reports of "mini-grants" that support the documentation of reform at the school level. The catalog of resources includes research databases, a schedule of conferences, materials and curricula, TIMSS documentation, bibliographies, video and multimedia materials, project websites, and an extensive full-text library of research papers.