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  1. Center for the Development of Teaching (CDT) - Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)
    A research and development center whose goal is to learn how teachers' practice can be transformed to support students' construction of knowledge. Currently focusing on mathematics and science teaching, the Center carries out research and action projects that address the issues involved in teacher change at three interacting levels: (1) teachers' beliefs and knowledge about their subjects and about learning and teaching; (2) teachers' classroom practice; and (3) the complex social system that extends from the school and school district to the society at large. Projects include: Administrators Working for Change: Materials to Support Administrators' Learning About Mathematics Education Reform - K-8; Advancing Reforms in Science Education: Teachers' Conceptual Resources; Cultivating Improvisational Perception; Developing Mathematical Ideas Network; Mathematics for Tomorrow; Network for Inquiry in Mathematics Education; Support for Students at the Center; Teaching to the Big Ideas; and When the Learners' Thinking Takes Center Stage: A Study of Teacher and Classroom Change. Abstracts of published papers and order forms can be found on linked Web pages.