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The Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library is an annotated catalog of mathematics and mathematics education web sites.

The Math Library features:

  • hierarchical categories for browsing (see our full table of contents);
  • a searcher on each browse page;
  • power searching for more precise searching (see our page of search tips);
  • a description of each entry (follow the  more>>  links);
  • selected sites: the Math Forum's suggested starting points for each category; and
  • a link submission page, so you can help us add sites we may have missed.

The Math Library replaces and improves on our previous Collection.
We have:

  • redesigned the site for better navigation and searching;
  • greatly expanded and refined the Library's category structure;
  • sharpened our focus on mathematics and math education; and
  • updated every entry.

How to get around:

There are several ways to navigate the Library.

  • The blue line at the top of all our Library pages is a link to the main page of the Library:

The Math
Forum Internet Mathematics Library

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  • This shows that you're in the Estimation category. If you start at "Home" (the main Library page) you can get to "Estimation" by finding and clicking on each of these categories (Math Topics, Arith/Early Math, Estimation) in turn.

  • You can use the full table of contents (linked in the menubar at the top of this and every Library page) to see all of the categories at once. From this page you can go directly to the category you want.

  • You can search for a category. Categories are the first matches returned by any of the Library searchers. For more ideas on how to use the searchers, try our search tips.

We hope you enjoy the new Library as much as we do. Please send us your suggestions for any further improvements we could make.


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