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About the PoW Library

The Math Forum's Library of Problems of the Week organizes the archives of the four active services and older, more advanced problems for browsing by mathematics and story topic, rates problems for difficulty level.

Once submissions to current Math Forum Problems of the Week (PoWs) have received responses from mentors, problems and highlighted solutions are archived in chronological order by service. Teachers, however, have asked us for an archive of problems by topic, and we've designed this Library of Problems to meet their needs.

   Browse the Problems
To browse by topic, select one of the six services shown at the top of each page. Then select a math topic; you will receive an alphabetical list of problems that offer an opportunity to practice skills related to that topic. Examples of math topics include: algebraic reasoning (math fundamentals, pre-algebra), factoring, graph theory (discrete math), pi, Pythagorean theorem, and integration (trig/calculus). For the math fundamentals, pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry, we provide links to related resources in our Math Tools library, our Dr. Math area, and the NCTM Standard(s) addressed by each topic.

We've also chosen a few story topics for you to browse: age, animals, food, geography/travel, holidays, money, and sports.

For an alphabetical list of all of the problems in a service, see: Math Fundamentals, Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra, Discrete Math, and Trig/Calculus.

At the bottom of the introductory page for each service is a browsing area with topics of interest to teachers of that service, covering all of the problems in all of the services.

A level of difficulty rating is provided for each problem. It focuses on the mathematical challenges represented by the problem, the difficulty of the mathematical concept, and the difficulty of mathematical calculations for students at a given level of problem solving. You are invited to read the full Rubric for Coding Problem Difficulty.
   What Teachers Say
For more ideas and suggestions, read what teachers say about using the Problems of the Week.

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